Tim Case sends the first in his ongoing series, exclusively for members:


by TimCase

Tuesday, 9/24/02, 9:03am, Dayton, OH

The van is packed. From what I can tell, we have everything we need
for four straight weeks on the road. The trip we’re leaving on today will
take us first to West Palm Beach, where Felicia is the headliner at Wildside
this week, Wed – Sat, 10 shows. Then we’ll fly from WPB to Los Angeles on
sunday and stay a week at the hooker motel. She is scheduled to shoot with
Skye Blue (for Big Top) and do two scenes and a BJ with Sean Michaels (her
first interracial work). After a week in LA, we fly back to WPB, pick up the
van, and drive to New York City, where Felicia is the headliner at
Gallagher’s in Queens Oct. 9-12. Finally, after the week in NYC, we drive
back down to Tampa (Port Richey, to be precise) where she headlines at
Flashdancers Oct. 16-19.

Everything at home is taken care of, from what I can see. Her beloved
yellow-collared macaw is at the bird kennel for four weeks, and we have a
friend coming over to feed and take care of the two cats and the cockatiel.
The bills are paid. The dog, Bubba, is coming with us at Felicia’s

The van is groaning under a load of 16 different feature costumes, props for
our shows, pyrotechnics, promo shots, copies of her xxx videos, regular
clothes to wear during the day, cds, and outfits for Felicia’s shoots in LA.
I’m tired just thinking about this trip.

Through the kindness of Mike South, YOU, Gentle Reader, get to come along
with me this time. I’ll be providing regular updates from the road as we go
along, letting you know all about the good times we have on the road (hot sex
in the hotel with the house girls), the bad times on the road (Felicia starts
her period first week of Oct — make your calendar), and the general
craziness that we go through on a daily basis while featuring (like that guy
with Tourette’s we hung out with in Abilene).

We leave from Dayton today at 2pm. 4 weeks. Ugh. Stay tuned…

[And you know, Steve, you’re right. He really should be paying me for all of

God Steve don’t encourage him….I’m so broke I can’t pay attention….

Fifi (Felicia Fox) and Red Fox aka “Bubba”

OK you just KNOW that dog licks his ass….

5060cookie-checkTim Case sends the first in his ongoing series, exclusively for members:

Tim Case sends the first in his ongoing series, exclusively for members:

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