Tim Case sends me this one:

Mike South,

Don’t feel too bad about all your distribution woes, Mike. The people in south Florida may be deprived of your superior product, but I’ve got to tell you this story…not only are your titles well represented on the shelves of the Hustler Hollywood store in nearby Monroe, Ohio (exit #29 off I-75 in Ohio, for those of you not in the area)…but we also have a little strip joint/jack shack/video retailer here in downtown Dayton, Ohio called McCook’s Theatre. It’s located on Keowee Street near the housing project (definitely the WRONG side of the tracks).-

Felicia Fox and I arm ourselves and stop in there occasionally to buy lube and check out the films…see what’s moving…ensure that they’re stocking her titles. (Being primarily films shot for big companies with good distribution, they’re not too hard to find). So the other night we pick up a brand new dildo and some batteries, and as we’re walking out the door I spot a familiar face staring out at me from a shelf behind the counter. Cori Love, that sexy bitch. On the spine of “Cori Love’s Tighties”, even, from our good friends at Avalon Entertainment.

“Hey, counter person!” I said to the counter person. “What be these tapes on yonder shelf?”

The counter person burped and said “Why are you talking like that? Those tapes are all rented out, ya hippie. And tell your girlfriend she has to wait till she gets outside to fire up that vibrator.”

So there you have it. Proof positive that not only is Dayton Ohio a better place to live than South Florida, but that we get to watch better quality porn, too boot.

Well I’m glad to know that at least some of my distributors are doing their job, Hustler Hollywood huh? That’s cool I like the guy that manages that store…Hymie is alright in my book! Thats the good thing about Hustler, they give the customer quality, not a bunch of junk, Might I suggest to the fine folks at Hustler that maybe they need a store in South Florida.

Ya but we will make it up in volume:

Warsaw – A glaring pink London-style cab hits the streets of the Polish capital Warsaw on Monday evening, offering a free ride for anyone daring enough to have sex on wheels.

The motorised erotic experience is the brain-child of a Swedish art student and, according to Poland’s private RMF radio, locals appear eager to avail themselves of its services.

Although completely free of charge, prospective joyriders must promise to bring a partner and make love in the back seat behind the discreetly smoke-coloured windows.

3350cookie-checkTim Case sends me this one:

Tim Case sends me this one:

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