Tim Case Checks in With Day 2 of Fifi does Cali:

The hookers were quiet today in L.A. (at least the ones that work at the Motel 6 were). Felicia Fox, ethereal beauty that she is, stumbled out of the sack at around 10am or so, downed some coffee from the Quickee-Mart across the street, belched and hopped in the shower. Today was “World Modeling” Day. [Seems fitting, there being a Quikee-Mart right across the street from where so many hastily-arranged quickees are occuring, doesn’t it? Don’t take any of this the wrong way — I have nothing against the working girls. Some of my best friends, after all, are prostitutes.]
At 1:30, we fly down the 405 to the 101, then immediately cut across six lanes of heat-crazed, bird-flipping California drivers to exit onto Van Nuys Blvd. A quick three blocks and we’re sitting in front of the World Modeling offices just as Jim South Sr. and his staff come strolling up the sidewalk after their lunch break. I drop Felicia off and go straight to AIM, pick up her test results and head back to the agency. Felicia is naked when I arrive (not an unusual occurence, there) and Steve is taking Polaroids of her in a back room so that they can update her shots in Jim’s talent book.Jim South’s agency is one of only two accredited adult talent agencies in the business, from what I understand. The other one is Reb’s Pretty Girls International, over on Santa Monica. Felicia and I came to World’s on her first trip to LA, in November of 2000, and she registered with Jim. He has helped her several times, introducing her to the great people at Vivid Video and the Playboy Channel, as well as several other companies that she ended up shooting for. His agency gets paid by the companies when they use his talent…the talent does not pay him directly.
Felicia chatted with the staff, who are always a riot. New girls come in daily, and the place usually has a producer hanging out flipping through the polaroids and B.S.ing with Jim, waiting for that next big starlet to come in the door. The phones ring constantly, and I bet they must get 100 calls a day from guys who think they have what it takes and want to break into porn. Yeah, right. A new girl comes in with her boyfriend — “Red Heaven” is her name. Pale and red-haired, friendly, she wants to do “girl/girl scenes, and then boy/girl but ONLY with my boyfriend”. She smiles, all teeth. Boyfriend looks nervous there on the couch, as if he’s surrounded by piranha. Felicia and I shoot knowing glances at each other. If this young lady does more than two scenes before boning some other dude, I’ll fall over dead in surprise. The XXX business and monogamy simply aren’t often compatible, and we learned quickly to subscribe to Larry Flynt’s motto: “Relax…It’s Just Sex”.
Bill Margold stops in and says hello while we’re there. Great guy. Loves Mike South. Steve, the libidinous agent with the polaroid, suggests to Felicia that she might want to do a blowjob scene with him later for $200. She tells him she’ll think about it.We set of from World’s after they arrange two meetings for her — the first with Luke Wilder, a very friendly guy who shoots for Fallen Angel. He is interested in Felicia (after taking a few nude polaroids) and actually wants me and her to work together, in addition to using her for other projects. He wants me to do a scene with her for “Internal Affairs”. I have to do an interview with her, have sex with her, then ejaculate inside her so she can push it out on camera. For this, he is willing to pay the two of us $1000.
America. What a country.
We arrange to email him next time we’re in town so we can shoot, as he is leaving town for a few weeks and can’t shoot the scene right then. Having gone without sex for weeks, I offer to strip and bone her right there in his office for $1000, but he politely declines. The other meeting is with John Dragon, an extremely talented still photographer who shoots for Gent, Score, and Hustler Busty Beauties (my personal favorite magazine). He has worked with some of the best girls in the biz, and his work can be seen at www.johndragon.com.Now John is not interested in paying me to have sex with my girlfriend, unfortunately, but he is interested in paying her to shoot a xxx magazine layout with Bobby Vitale. Felicia likes Bobby — they’ve worked together twice (in Metro’s “Getting Even” and Vivid’s “Raven”), and he can be very intense. John is going to try and reach him and schedules a shoot for this coming Tuesday. He admires Felicia’s large natural breasts and asks if he may fondle them.We leave John’s and head to the mall for some new lingerie…Felicia needs nice stuff for the Wicked shoot tomorrow. The we go to “Pineapple Hill”, in Sherman Oaks, for a pair of the best steak sandwiches in the LA area.
(for all aspiring east coast porn starlets out there, you can reach Mike South through this website. Felicia did it, and just look at her now. For all aspiring west coast porn starlets, you can reach World Modeling at 818-986-4316 For all aspiring porn hunks everywhere call Reb’s P.G.I. at 323-882-8262. — good luck.)

Tomorrow: Felicia has her first sex of the trip, with Steve Hatcher.
Tim, Tim, Tim, How COULD you allow our wife to do Steve Hatcher…Fifi deserves better, I am prepared to fly out and offer my services to spare her this humiliation…..At least she isn’t doing Tyce Bune. BTW was that Alexa Rae working the parking lot at your Motel 6 last night? Tell all my pals out there in LA I said hello….all 3 of em…

3620cookie-checkTim Case Checks in With Day 2 of Fifi does Cali:

Tim Case Checks in With Day 2 of Fifi does Cali:

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