This Hottie is Lexi LaMour

This Hottie is Lexi LaMour

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Lexi is a national feature who had yet to do boy/girl, but when she did decide to do boy/girl she went all out and did a bukkake for Lexi is a DOLL and a pleasure to shoot with, check out her site and if she comes to your neck of the woods check out her show. She is THE SHIT!

I Don’t Get It:

I don’t listen to Stern and I don’t watch him on TV. I’m no fan of the juvenile humor and I don’t think of him as any kind of friend at all to those in this biz.

So I don’t get why people in the biz go on his show and endure the browbeating, and humiliation that he dishes out. Sure at one time it might have gotten ya a member or two on your website, but now days you can get more members from a good usenet posting. When are we going to wake up and abandon this moron? He is little more than Jerry Springer with a Troll Doll hairdo.

“JUMPING THE SHARK” and other Pop Culture Euphemisms

by Tim Case

Regular readers of this website are familiar with the phrase “Jumping the Shark”, used in the entertainment industry to describe a desperate act by a television series (or an entertainer) to hang onto their fame and audience when the public’s interest is rapidly fading. The phrase recalls the “Happy Days” episode when the producers had Fonzie jump over a shark on water skis — trying, in typical Hollywood fashion, to beat an already dead horse to death.
In porno terms, a formerly well-known, highly tattooed actress who suddenly, at the twilight of her career, decides to do a boy/girl scene would therefore be guilty of “jumping the shark”.
Your challenge, as loyal readers of [the best damn porn gossip blog on the net] is to come up with similar pop culture and/or porn-related euphemisms.

Opening the Ark – Exploring a potentially explosive situation or event which, once made public, may destroy you.

Feeding Seidman – Befriending, at your own risk, a person who has made powerful enemies.

Basting the Sheep – Using bodily functions to annoy those who’ve gone out of their way to annoy you in the past.

Screwing the Paris – Actions which are perfectly normal and universal, which are revealed to be tawdry and embarrassing when caught on tape and released by Red Light District.

Killing Fredo – Commiting an act which will cause you pain and anguish the rest of your days.

Calling Doctor Mitch – Approaching a completely unqualified individual and asking them for advice in a life-changing situation. A good example would be approaching a homeless person and asking them for legal counsel.

And a few added that arent Tim’s

Being Dick Tracy – Being in denial, like when you do a gay gangbang but swear you aren’t gay, also known as Ramming Matt Ramsey

Worshipping the Snake – Not the sexual reference you might imagine. This happens when you have a desire to push your product into more public areas, like say a news stand and you hire someone with the integrity of a snake to do it for you.



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This Hottie is Lexi LaMour

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