The latest in the ongoing saga “Fifi does LA”

[I hope everyone enjoyed a good holiday. I wanted to say a quick hello to Adella at Digital Playground, Dick Freeman, and Tod and Heidi over at AVN. Lots of people in the porn community are reading this shit, evidently, and I’m not even getting paid for any of it. What the fuck, Mike?]

OH Jesus, now he wants me to pay him to PR his girlfriend on my site, LOL…..Tim you HAVE been in Cali too long Bruddah.

Monday, July 1st we hit the one week mark for this visit to Los Angeles. After her relaxing weekend break, Felicia Fox was about to start earning her money with a 9:30 am call time Monday and a 9:00 am call time Tuesday for two Jill Kelly Productions films. The ravishing Claudine had FF scheduled for a boy/boy/girl scene the first day, her first for a west coast production, and she was a bit nervous. Second day was a straight boy/girl with Randy Spears, the third time she’s worked with him…she loves working with Randy, and her smile always brightens up whenever a producer mentions that she is going to be boinking him in a scene. She claims it’s because of his great attitude and pleasant nature.
I suspect it’s really his big penis. She got to the set on time Monday and went straight into makeup. “Young Fun” (working title, perhaps?) was an outdoor party sort of film directed by Steve Drake and, after some establishing volleyball shots, the first scene featured Jenna Haze and Billy Glide. It went well, and after a lunch break the crew moved the production into the workout room for Dale Dabone’s boy/girl/girl scene. No problems so far. In addition to Jenna Haze, a real sweetie, we got to finally meet the lovely Stormy Waters on the set, whom we’d heard about from the feature dance circuit. Great personality and very, very pretty…I think she could do big things in this business. Keep your eye on her, and I’ll be surprised if someone doesn’t snap her up for a contract in a hurry.
Felicia’s scene was next, and it turned out that she would be working with Eric Everhard and a new guy named Trent Desoro. I’m pretty sure that she was the only person on the production using condoms. Eric kept proving why he’s nicknamed “The Jackrabbit” (or was it “The Jackhammer”? something like that…) by pounding Felicia from below while she was in the reverse cowgirl position with young Trent’s erect penis in her mouth. Several times Eric’s hammering caused her jaws to clamp together, and I was afraid the other boy’s
porn career might be ended prematurely by I.O.P.D. (inadvertent oral penile detachment).
Felicia, to her credit, kept trying to rein the enthusiastic Eric in by kicking him, slapping him, and telling him to “Stop, goddammit!”. He was a trooper though — you’ve got to hand it to him. Once the boy gets his dick in there once, he won’t quit until he’s had enough. Even between positions, when the rest of the crew was grabbing a quick smoke, Eric could be seen chasing Felicia around the yard, erect penis bobbing ahead of him as he ran. Trent, as nice as he and his wife were (she was on set, enema in hand, preparing for an anal scene for the same film) seemed fixated with sticking his fingers in Felicia’s mouth. God only knows what that was all about.
A few positions later both of these fine young men grunted and strained and spilled their seed upon my girlfriend’s face, and she smiled and thanked both of them for an enjoyable afternoon. It’s a strange world (thank god). A shower, a quick trip to the craft service table (I have to say this — the food was the absolute best I’ve ever had on a porn set) and we were outa there.
I could tell she was beat as we rode the rental car back to the hotel.
“You okay?” I asked.
“Yeah. Tired. Jesus, that was a tough one.”
“Really? You did well…I’m proud of how you handled yourself.”
“Thanks.” She smiled at me. “God, I am so sore. I swear I think my pussy
is going to fall off.”
“Damn. Wanna fuck?”
Needless to say, I did not get laid Monday night. I’m pretty sure she’s saving herself for Bobby Rinaldi at this point.

Tuesday the phone rang early, with the delectable Claudine calling to push FF’s call time back to 10am. Must’ve been a late night for the crew. I get Felicia to the set at about a quarter after, and she heads into makeup, while I go off to fax contracts and fight with her feature booking agents and travel agent.I get everything straightened out, get all the contracts signed and faxed, and head back to the set about 3. Felicia and Randy are just getting set up for their scene…Felicia is playing a maid for this one, which is tentatively titled “Mind Phucks” or “Mind Sex” or “Mind Phuxs”, depending on who you ask. Steve Drake is directing, again. Stormy is on set, again, in a dress that is making the PAs drool.
Felicia has noticed that, in many of her scenes, she gets cast as a waitress or a maid. I’ve also seen her play a secretary, a hooker, a cop, a stripper, a housewife, a mannequin, and the Bride of Wankenstein. I keep waiting for her to play the plumber or the pizza boy, but that hasn’t happened yet.
The scene with Randy seemed to be a piece of cake compared to the day before…no fingers jammed down the throat, no slapping or cursing. Well, maybe a little slap on the ass here and there, but nothing to write home about. The pop shot was nice and messy, and it looked like they got some great stills of her on her knees in front of Randy with goo running down her chin and dripping onto her tits.
I was quietly proud.
We grabbed some ribs, got a chance to talk to Robert, the “guy who signs the checks” at Jill Kelly Productions. Very nice people all around. We headed for home, made a few phone calls and Felicia collapsed into bed. Long two days.Tomorrow, Wednesday the 3rd of July, Felicia starts her feature shows at LA’s PLAYPEN strip club, on Santa Fe Avenue in the barrio. Now THAT is going
to be interesting.

3900cookie-checkThe latest in the ongoing saga “Fifi does LA”

The latest in the ongoing saga “Fifi does LA”

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