Jason Sechrest Sends This:

Jason Sechrest Sends This:

Jason Sechrest, publicist for Jill Kelly Productions: “Star E. Knight’s contract was indeed up in December 2002. However, that contract also states that it automatically re-ups if she does not sign a termination release. Due to the fact that Star has not been in contact with Jill Kelly Productions for over two months, the contract was renewed.”

OK this ain’t like ter and Digital Playground. Was it not apparent to you guys that after 2 months of no contact that she had no intention of renewal? I’d like to know how that would stand up in a California Court because it wouldn’t here. It isn’t like JKP spent all this money turning Star into a media sensation….I say let it go. She apparently wants out of porn anyway. Will she return, probably, but I don’t see her returning to JKP.

Shyla is the one I want to know the story on.

Rick Masters Assualts Brigette Kerkove From topprotalent:

(SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, CA) — I was browsing through my normal daily adult news and gossip sites, to see who scooped me on a given story, and found this reader contribution on FuckingGossip.com:

“Have you heard the new rumor going around on set??? Apparently poor Bridget Kerkove was violently attacked during a scene with Brian Surewood and another guy. I heard that they were doing the scene and the other guy was fucking her in the ass from behind when he suddenly shoved her to the floor as hard as he could, knocking down Brian who was in front of her, then yelled at her and left the set in the middle of the scene. Is this true? And if it is who the hell is the jerk off that thinks its ok to push girls around and have a fit?
Thanks Eddie keep up the good work
Porn Dude”

I did a little poking around and got the skinny on the whole situation, which includes a limp Rick Masters, bloody knees for Bridgette and a nearly severed Sherwood cock, as it was in her mouth while she was slammed to the floor during the Jim Lane Production.

According to Skeeter Kerkove, Bridgette’s husband and rising porn producer, Rick Masters was having problems getting wood during the scene.

“Bridgette was bend over doggy,” commented Skeeter, “she had Brian’s (Sherwood) dick in her mouth and Rick was trying to slam his limp cock into her ass. Bridgette was on a wooden plank of sorts, they had some kind of plywood floor set up that she needed to balance on during the scene. The position she was in, she couldn’t help him get hard and he was getting frustrated.”

Apparently, during the frustration, Masters slammed her to the ground once, forcefully, but not intentionally. They set up and tried again, assuming the same positions. With Sherwood’s pecker back in Kerkove’s mouth, Masters began slamming her backside again, with out the assistance of a hard on.

“He got really frustrated and slammed her again, this time knocking her down hard,” Skeeter continued, “and he stormed off the set saying, ‘I’m outta here!’ “

No one was seriously hurt in the incident, but the scene was a bust. Skeeter completed his comments by saying, “I don’t think I’ll be using Rick in any scenes for a while.”

Richard Responds to the Breaking Sean v. Shawn Story Below:

The Shawn Michaels action figure…now it makes sense. Of course I think it’s pretty safe to say that a kid watching WWE is not gonna get one and say ”Dad, this guy is white and hung like a gnat! And he has hair! Where is the tag along Suzi porn chick? Isn’t there a camera accessory with this?”

Ya know…if kids confuse Sean Michaels with the Shawn Michaels action WWE figure…I think it may be more a case of whacked parents than trademark infringement.

Course Sean could probably offer to sell his name and pocket a pretty good amount of cash. They will want to do this quietly, so as not to draw attention.

Sean Michaels ship may have come in and it’s called the SS Shawn.

And what about the Mike South action figure? Isn’t that long overdue?

Now that’s funny…no really…I can see it now, me as an action figure right in there with Nikita Denise, Jenna, Houston and the rest if em…although in real life I did do Midori…I’m told I “discovered her” I know for sure Goddess wuld buy one…no wait she’d bug me til I sent her one for free…..sigh I couldn’t even sell one action figure..I bet the mouth would move though. And I damn well better come with a fishin pole!

From TimCase:

Hey, bro. How’s it going? I’ve been trying for several days now to come up with something for you — anything at all, just some sort of an update that you could use on your site to replace the hideous visage of Evan Seinfeld standing next to that one chick (what was her name again? You remember her, the one that Jewel De Nyle was going to thrash down in Tampa?).

Actually, bud, it’s time to get off the Tera-rizor Train and move on to some other non-story. No one cares at this point anyway, and I think Bella is setting herself up to be the industry’s new whipping girl (not that she’d mind that, of course — although she’d probably cry about it later.) Anyway, I’m not sure what the problem is, but I can’t think of a thing to write. I’m totally blocked. Maybe it was because I still can’t get over you calling me the Charles Bukowski of porn”…you should be strung up by your toenails for that one, dude. Charlie is God to us counterculture writer-type folk, along with old Bill Burroughs and HST. Maybe I’m still upset over the total collapse of the Raider’s offensive line this past sunday…or perhaps it’s the pending lawsuit from Richard Gere over that beaver thing a few months ago…maybe it’s the onset of male menopause…or maybe I’m still tired from Expo, where I finally got to meet the two sexiest publicists in the business (next to Calli and Harry, of course): Carly “Wait a minute — I’m on the cell phone with my cats” Milne and Adella “Got a little Captain in ya?” O’ Neal…hell, I don’t know. I’m still upset with Jimmy D. for stealing that last crab cake out from under my nose at the Rio seafood buffet.

Felicia Fox, my better half, is doing very well, of course. She had a blast at expo and was getting attention from everyone over how hot she’s looking these days, so that made her feel good. She did end up shooting a BJ scene there in vegas with Dave Cummings for “Knee Pad Nymphos #6”, and I
think working with Dave may have affected her a bit. I caught her the other day skulking around the Cracker Barrel, lasciviously eyeing a 61-year-old
grandfather with false teeth and a truss. (That’s a joke, actually — Dave Cummings is just about the goddamn nicest guy in porn and was really cool to
work with. Hell, if he’d been any nicer I’d have blown him myself.) (Don’t print that).

Anyway, there are all sorts of developments I could be writing to you about, if I had the inclination ($). The Sean Michaels/Shawn Michaels thing, which is a joke. I knew there was a reason I never could stand wrestling, and now I know what it is. Felicia and Tiffany and I went straight from expo to a
feature show at Goldclub Centerfold’s in Sacramento. That was a blast…seems Brianna Banks has a problem with Jewel De Nyle, as she and Bobby defaced all the promo that Jewel had hanging in the feature dressing room. This earned Brianna the ire of the club management, who had nothing good to say about the consistently mood-altered young lady. My money’s still on Jewel, dude.

Then from Sacramento we drove straight to Ohio and then down to Louisiana, 3500 miles and 52 hours of driving time in just under three days. You never appreciate how fucking BIG this country is until you drive across it with a porn star and her tattooed peeler buddy in tow, let me tell you. Arrived in Louisiana last week, featured for three days, broke the house record for attendance, then left…but at some point after closing time on our last night there, I distinctly remember being dressed in a skirt on a dark stage with my hair in ponytails while getting blown by two women, one of whom was the owner’s wife. All I could think of was “How did I go from the Fairborn High School Chess Club to this?” But that’s a story for another time…

Now we’re heading for Los Angeles. For good. Forever. Getting the hell out of OHIO…the outsiders are finally making the big leap and heading for
El Lay. Can you imagine? This business will be the death of me yet, I swear to god.

God I wish I had something to write to you about…

Love ya

Follow the money!:

Ya know by now that Shawn Micheals the wrestler is suing Sean Micheals the pornstar over the name…thats been reported here already NOW heres the REST of the story.

Everyone wondered what prompted this action, leave it to me to run it down. It seems that there is an action figure that is on hold because the major toy company doing the action figure doesn’t want the confusion and that’s what this is all about. The WWE and Shawn won’t get the figure and the money that goes with each sale as long as there’s a Sean Michaeals doing porn AND it’s too late for Shawn to try and change his identity and rebuild a new name. So they are trying to bully Sean into giving it up.

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Jason Sechrest Sends This:

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