“Installment One: FiFi in L.A.”

Hey there, Mike.
This is TimCase…Felicia Fox and I are in L.A. holed up at the Motel 6 for two weeks. We just wrapped up a rocking week in West Palm Beach, and now we’re here in Cali so she can shoot a scene for Devinn Lane and Wicked Pictures Thursday. I thought I’d drop you an e-line every other day or so and update you on how our trip goes.
Tuesday we arrived at LAX at 10am. Nice flight from Columbus. Felicia went straight from the arrival gate to The Body hop there at the airport and bought a tub of coconut-scented “Body Butter”…I can only hope she plans to somehow incorporate this into our sex life. As I’m standing outside the shop, watching over our carry-on luggage, who should walk by me on the way to a flight but Gene Fucking Simmons. Tall, dressed all in black, looking like the Prince of Darkness himself. Old Kiss fan that I am, I have to admit I stared a bit…only in LA, you know?
What the hell is Gene doing flying commercial, anyway?

(Ed’s note: Couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that he is washed up could it? Was Jonathon Davis with him?)

After renting a car for two weeks ($150.00 per week, the bastards) we went straight to the Valley and to the A.I.M. offices on Ventura Blvd. so Felicia could get her HIV test, which as you know is required in order to shoot xxx. If you show up on the set without a test (or with a test that is more than 30 days old) you don’t work. Miss Sharon Mitchell hugged us both
and was beautiful as ever. What a lady. Felicia gave blood and we scooted.With a night off in LA and with her unable to shoot yet (test results aren’t back for 24 hours), what was there to do? David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar were in town, but we decided to skip it.

Good Idea.

A quick drive over the mountains and back into downtown to stop at “Sushi Zen” on Santa Monica for dinner. Edamame is my new favorite food, and yes, I got the California Roll. Sue me. Hit a really cool gay thrift store in West Hollywood called “Out of the Closet” (proceeds go to AIDS research, so there) and I picked up “The Portable Mark Twain” for a quarter. Hell yeah.

Back over the mountains again and into the Valley, fer sure. Hit the Wal Mart for some bottled water and supplies, and back to the Motel 6 to watch Animal Planet, make some phone calls and sleep off the flight. Zzzzzzzzz.Then. Woke up at 4am this morning abruptly — the pimp who lives in the room down the way evidently felt the need to “straighten out” one of his ladies in the early morning hours. Screams, madness, drama. Seems our little hotel here is a prime spot for hard-up guys to buy sex…the working girls ply their wares out of several of the rooms, and the muscle lives a few doors down.
Paying for sex. In the Valley. Who would’ve though?

See any of Extreme’s girls there? Knock on Gene’s Room and tell him I said Hello…
Tomorrow — Day Two. “The Glamorous Life of a Porn Actress”.

Thanks for the Update Tim….this oughta be a good series…spare us no detail!

TIM! I just got a GREAT idea!

Get me some digital pics of the goings on at the motel 6 one or two snaps a day…..a hooker in the parking lot…Tyce Bune coming up looking for talent…whatever….

3590cookie-check“Installment One: FiFi in L.A.”

“Installment One: FiFi in L.A.”

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