I’m Not Sure What Tim Case has Been Smoking:

The TimCase Files – July 18, 2003

Mike — Felicia Fox and I are through. Finished. Over. Split up. I’m moving out of the house today and I wanted you to hear it first from me before I send out a press release to all our friends in the porn community. 9 fucking years of my life down the fucking drain…

I’ve had it with all the fights, the bitching, the whining…I’m not going to stick around here and take this abuse any more. I will not be in attendance at the upcoming Tampa Show, and I’m asking Dirty Bob to take me off the website. My good friend John Finberg has offered me a place to stay until Labor Day — I’m still competing on “Jeopardy” August 20 and we’ll see how that goes, but after that I’ll more than likely return to Ohio while she remains here in the Valley. “”Lust for Life”, the KSEX show we do on Tuesday nights, will continue as we figure out who her new co-host will be. Felicia will also be travelling alone to Rhode Island, and performing with Alexa Rae at the Foxy Lady all week. This is the first time she’s headlined a show without me, and I wish her the best of luck.

You’ve been a good friend to me both inside and outside the business, and I want to thank you for that. I know you’ll be seeing alot more of her now than you will me, with all the conventions and expos and things — but I hope you’ll stay in touch.

I’ve been hearing alot of things in porn valley that may interest you — things I’ve been holding out on so as not to offend anybody or piss anyone off. Of course, there’s no reason for any secrecy now, so keep the following in mind….

L.F.P. wants to purchase AVN. Larry Flynt told me so.

A.I.M. is going to immediately begin testing for Herpes and HPV as part of its monthly battery of tests. The costs of the monthly tests to talent, however, will remain the same $100.

Jill Kelly and Bob Friedland are going to begin hosting a new weekly talk show on KSEX Radio…the show will air every Friday night from midnight to 1am and will be called “Business & Pleasure — the J.K.P. story”. Rumors that their own contract girls are forbidden from scheduling appearances can’t be confirmed at this time.

Jenna Jameson, driven mad by lust, has called my house incessantly since she heard I had a certain lupine webmaster staying with me last week.

The moon is made of green Fromunda cheese.

I have been offered a directing contract from my good friend Bobby Rinaldi and Wildlife Productions. This contract will not interfere with my South River performing contract, and my first release will be called “Tim Case’s Sexy Southern Gardenias”.

Aaron and Wendy Boe live a pleasant, quiet existence in Sioux Falls, SD. Aaron is an investment wizard there, and his monetary generosity and timely loans have saved countless porn folk from financial ruin, bless him.

Nick Manning and I are moving to Canada together to marry. Our forbidden love has been hidden long enough. Jason Seachrest will be my man-of-honor.

Thanks, Mike…take care and keep in touch, Okay?

[Note: Not everything in today’s update is the truth. I understand that by telling outrageous lies, the porn community will consider accepting me — and then I’ll get to be One of You, rather than the outsider I’ve been since I was kicked out of the Chess Club in 8th grade. Love ya, Tim]

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I’m Not Sure What Tim Case has Been Smoking:

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