Goddess is PISSED: (From her site):

Ya know there are a lot of injustices in the world, and this is one that really sticks in my craw. Las Vegas Novelties is using Mike South’s FACE on the boxes of sex toys. Now you would think that they’d mold his COCK, right????? Wrong. They’re using his FACE. What am I supposed to do with that? Rub the box over my cooch so that I can say I came on South’s face? Hell, I have autographed photos of him that I use for that.

I want a damn Mike South dildo! I want Goddess goo on Mike South’s cock! Face it, people, this is the only way I’m going to get to have “sex” with “Mike South” without cheating on Mr. G, and even this is iffy. I mean I’ll have to yell out Mr. G’s name or there’ll be trouble in Goddessville. They make latex molds of chick’s cooters, why aren’t they making a mold of THE OBVIOUS, The South Pole??? This is an outrage and it’s wrong. My chances are slipping away from me, damn it.

So I emailed Steve@lvni on this one, but he never responded. I think he’s seen the words “Goddess,” “stalker,” and “restraining order” in the same sentence once too often. Beater, you gotta be with me on this one. It ain’t right!!

Run For The Hills, The Foxtrot To Ohio:

Hey, guys — this is your good friend and occasional suitcase pimp Tim Case.

Felicia Fox and I will be heading home for Ohio for a few months, it appears. This may come as a shock to some of you — god knows we have so many good friends here in Porn Valley that it is killing us to leave — but Felicia needs to be in Ohio for awhile to look after some family members.

We want to invite you all to stop in and say goodbye at Sardo’s on Tuesday night, March 22. We plan on being at Karoke from 9 until close.

We will miss each and every one of you — even you, Wankus — and although Felicia is NOT retiring from the business, and even though we will STILL be doing our KSEX show each week live from Ohio, this looks like it may be your last chance for some months to hear me sing “Run to the Hills”.

So Be there or be square, muthafuggahs. And for those of you who can’t find time to attend, just send money.

Tim Case

And I’m gonna help toss em a welcome home party, for those who might be interested and can make it to Dayton, OH. Hit me up via email!!!

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Goddess is PISSED: (From her site):

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