Another Exclusive A Star-Spangled Interview With Felicia Fox Hello, Miss Fox. Thank you for joining us. How are you today?

FF: Tim? Jesus, why are you bothering me? I’m trying to fucking sleep.

Following your
carnal adventures in LA and they’ve been emailing us dozens of questions for
you to answer. Do you have a few minutes to talk?

FF: Leave me alone, dammit! Do you know what time it is? Have you been
drinking? Now, we’re all aware that you’ve been in LA for just over a week now,
and that you’ve shot three scenes during that time, two for Jill Kelly
Productions and one for Wicked Pictures. Are you planning on doing any more
shooting during your time out west?

FF: You jackass. You already know I’m scheduled to work for JKP Saturday. Why
are you asking me when you already know the answer? Go to sleep! Please, Miss Fox. For the loyal readers at home…just answer the

FF: Oh, for god’s sake, yes. A girl/girl. And do you know whom you’ll be working with?

FF: No. Claudine hasn’t told me yet. When are you leaving L.A.?

FF: Well, I’m not sure, considering you haven’t called the airline to make
our return flight arrangements yet, dipshit. Hmmm. Possibly Monday afternoon, but I still have to call United.

FF: Jesus Christ, what do I pay you for? I’m going to be stuck in this
godforsaken Motel 6 for the rest of my life. What has been your favorite part of the trip so far?

FF: Meeting all the rock stars at the Rainbow Room. That, and shooting my
first scenes for two different companies. Is it true that Dale Dabone is really your favorite xxx actor to work

FF: Uh…no comment. Hi, Dale. 🙂 Now to the mailbag…here are a few questions from the inbox.
[email protected]” writes “Felicia…are you still featuring?”

FF: Yes, Gus. Friday and Saturday of this week I’m the headliner at “Players”
in Sun Valley. I’ll also be at Flesh in San Bernadino from July 18-20, then
at Cincinnati’s Deja Vu July 24-27. “[email protected]” writes “Felicia, I’m in LA with a
group of brand new girls, and they’re causing me nothing but headaches. I’d
like to sell them all into white slavery…do you have any experience in this

FF: Sure, Steve…I can help you sell them into white slavery, but why stop
there? Why not get REALLY nasty with them and get them all jobs at Market
Street Cinema in San Francisco? “[email protected]” writes “FiFi — lately I’ve been getting
contacted by these incredibly gorgeous women who want to shoot with me. Do
you know how all these hot chicks are getting my phone number?”

FF: I have no idea, Mike, but I expect a finder’s fee. “[email protected]” writes “Felicia, I’m getting tired of
jilling off to Mike South, and I’ve been considering lesbianism as a new
hobby. Do you have any experience in this area?”

FF: Hey, Goddess. No, I’m not currently a lesbian, but I do sleep with Tim on
a regular basis, which should qualify. “[email protected]” writes “Last year, TimCase got down on his
knees and proposed to you in front of a crowded house at the Tampa Nightmoves
Awards Show. What do you have planned for this year’s show? A wedding,

FF: Bob, do you really think I’d marry that hippie suitcase pimp? In public?
For me, there will be just one highlight of this year’s Tampa Show…bending
Cori Love over her bed, grabbing some Crisco and… …and, finally, [email protected]
writes “Felicia — I just wanted to write and say hello. You guys make sure
you stay in touch.”

FF: Hey, Harry. Of course we’ll stay in touch. You are still (and always will
be) the best…we love you very much. Thank you, Felicia.

FF: Jesus. Will you email this crap so I can go back to sleep?

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Another Exclusive A Star-Spangled Interview With Felicia Fox

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