Hacked Boca del Río, Mexico Highway Billboard Displays PornHub

Drivers immediately took out their phones and began recording the unlikely occurrence

Highway motorists in Boca del Río, Veracruz, Mexico were surprised to see adult video website PornHub playing on a billboard last week.

The X-rated footage appeared on the screen following a reported hack, and soon images of the roadside screen spread on social media.

Hacked Boca del Río, Mexico Highway Billboard Displays PornHub

News reports claim that the incident caused such chaos the Boca del Río motorway toward Riviera Veracruzana was shut.

This led to a traffic jam — which was rather convenient for those armed with Kleenex and hankies, as the adult content continued to play on the screen because hapless local authorities were unable to turn it off.

Authorities eventually reached Espectaculares Gavsamex, the company who own the billboard, to ask them to turn off the screen.

The company said the computer used to control the digital billboard appeared to have fallen victim to hackers.

It is unclear how long the footage played on the billboard screen.

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Mexico City 2017

In 2017, a similar situation occurred on a screen on the outer beltway of Mexico City which inexplicably began broadcasting x-rated videos as people made their way to work.

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Hacked Boca del Río, Mexico Highway Billboard Displays PornHub

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  1. This is sort of funny except that little kids saw this. WTF is it with hackers playing porn on electronic billboards lately? Thankfully very few electronic billboards are in my area (although I guess there are few in Grand Rapids, MI), except for the little kids thing it would be funny as hell for this to happen on a billboard in Calvinist-heavy Grand Rapids, that billboard company would be run out of the county if this happened there! Jacky St. James’ Emma Marx movies broadcast along the freeway, anyone? Maybe some Kink.com content instead? How about some Adulttime Girls Under Arrest scenes? Better yet, some Rob Black Extreme Associates scenes, that will really shock their prude asses! How about taking this to the extreme and get some Ira Issacs shit eating scenes and make their Calvinist asses puke straight onto their windshields and steering wheels!!!!!

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