Stormy Daniels Political Advisor Car Bombed

 According to HuffingtonPost:

Porn star Stormy Daniels’ potential senatorial campaign was rocked yesterday by an explosion that blew up her political advisor’s car in New Orleans, according to local news reports.

The advisor, Brian Welch, was not injured in the explosion.

In surveillance footage aired on TV affiliate ABC-26, a man is seen opening the drivers’-side door, throwing an object in the car and the vehicle exploding.

“It looks like the pictures you see in Iraq following a roadside car bombing,” reporter Glynn Boyd said of the damage to Welch’s car. “It looks like someone, somehow, was trying to send a message.”

Welch, told ABC-26 that he is awaiting more forensic information, but believes that someone intended to harm him. “When you rule out everything else, you’re sort of left with the obvious.”

“No one has seen anything like this before…not in such a dramatic fashion,” says Welch. “It’s too early for me to go pointing fingers. I’d like to hear officially what happened and then we can take it from there. If someone’s trying to send me a message like this, it’s not going to work.”

Welch also described his experience to WGSO 990 on Tuesday morning, claiming that he would not be deterred.

Local political blogger Stephen Sabludowsky noted:

Some of the cynical are pointing fingers at possible future or past opponents or their associates. However, it is possible that the incident could have been totally coincidental or have nothing to do with politics, whatsoever.

A spokesman for the New Orleans police department did not return calls from Huffington Post.

Recently, Daniels formed a Senate exploratory committee, the first official step toward her run for U.S. Senate against David Vitter, who was linked to the “D.C. Madam.”

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Stormy Daniels Political Advisor Car Bombed

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