What in the hell was Eli Cross thinking?

I’ve been slumming on another mainstream money grab, so I haven’t been able to keep up lately with episodes of “As the San Fernando Valley Turns”.   

I was perusing some lesser sites last night and read the gossip that Eli Cross was allegedly caught moonlighting on his contract with SexZ Pictures.  On the other side of the hill, we call this “fucking the fat girl”. According to reports, the fat girl in this scenario was Adam & Eve.

I’ve never met Eli Cross. From what I’ve heard about him over the years, he seems like a very talented guy who had a good thing going with SexZ Pictures. In my estimation, being a contract goto writer/director for a major adult studio producing big budget award winning features is about as far as you can go creatively in this business. It’s the pinnacle of success. It’s like being the Francis Ford Coppola of fuck films. With all that being said and if the allegations are true, what in the hell was Eli Cross thinking? This has to be one of the dumbest judgement calls I’ve ever heard about.

For the purpose of full disclosure, I have worked for Bo Kenney in the past and found him to be one of the most professional studio heads I have ever worked for. In mainstream or adult. Bo is one of the rare guys in this industry, just like Mike, who “gets it”. That’s what makes this situation even harder to fathom. You don’t shit the bed at a 5 star hotel and expect them to give you another reservation.

Regardless of what the fuck happened here, the adult industry lives up to another unfortunate stereotype. What is it about filming people fucking on camera that makes people screw each other over? The mainstream is far from pure, but you never hear stories about Steven Spielberg secretly writing plots for “High School Musical” while being under contact with Paramount.

24030cookie-checkWhat in the hell was Eli Cross thinking?

What in the hell was Eli Cross thinking?

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  1. You call that ‘fucking the fat girl’?!

    Ya know, if my hands weren’t all sticky from the jar of marshmallow cream I just ate for supper, I would SOOOOO rip you a new one for that!

  2. I completely agree with you Goddess. How dare those elitist mainstream bastards disparage the “voluptuousness” amongst us! I just picked up my spare cop uniform from the dry cleaners and I’m flying out right now to make it up to you. Don’t put away the jar of marshmallow cream.

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