The “Intellectualization” of Sex

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a result, I grew up having my senses assaulted on a regular basis every time I took a drive into the city with my family. Seeing guys walking down the street in assless chaps as you’re entering a restaurant with your family for Sunday dinner would horrify any All-American 12 year old boy like me from the suburbs. Combined with the other over the top sexual attention seeking nonsense associated with San Francisco, I’ve never been a fan of that town. This is coming from a bonafide pervert who is creating porn about sniffing women’s fingers… I want to be able to go anywhere in the world and find sexual material on my own terms. I just don’t want it finding me when I take my niece to the beach and guys are walking around with cock rings.

Another aspect of San Francisco sex culture I hate is the “Intellectualization” of sex. Actually, this isn’t just native to San Francisco anymore. You find it in cities like Seattle or Austin, Texas now. It’s where women over 170 pounds where black pointy eyeglasses and give seminars, workshops, or “readings” about sex. Pick up any free weekly newspaper in the Bay Area and you will see 12 to 20 listings a week for topics ranging from discussing sex in a modern society to how to jerk off better workshops. The way these seminar women take themselves so fucking seriously has always amazed me. No matter what the seminar or workshop, it’s always the same horseshit that every woman wants to be chained to a sawhorse and every white guy wants to take a black dildo up the ass.

I wish I had the historical background to identify when sticking a dick in a vagina became an academic degreed study. There can’t be any money in it because all of these “Sexologists” drive 1984 green Volvo’s. The only time I utilize a chain or a horse crop in my life is when I drive up to Tahoe in the winter to live out my big dick olden time cowboy fantasies. Man was not made to think during sex. If I get interrupted right before having an orgasm by an important phone call or some other emergency situation, I end up looking like I have Cerebral Palsy for the rest of the day. I simply cannot function. The day you take the animal out of sex and ask people think about what they’re doing is the day that sex becomes boring.

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The “Intellectualization” of Sex

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  1. Steve, you are right on target here. Wouldn’t it be nice for HBO (Real Sex, lol) to actually do a segment on just a plain good ole Southern Bukkake or Gangbang? All that dancing around in the woods naked and discussing the intricacies of how to better please your “partner” with a vibrating lighted wand is what gives us everyday pervs a bad name.

  2. Im with Steve on this one.

    why is it we have to try to intellectualize sex to make it acceptable to talk about?

    I mean do I really need some ant eating retard telling me how to fuck?

  3. Thank you Frank for getting my point. You make a great observation yourself which reminded me of another point.

    You will never see any of those modern feminist based workshops discuss bukkake or gangbang subject matter because those types of sex represent testosterone and portray men in dominant roles. Don’t get me started with the HBO Real Sex thing… I think the producers had some type of contract with HBO where they had to feature old hippy naked guys in every episode massaging each other in drum circles with their balls swinging like a grandfather clock.

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