Shelley Lubben – “Pornography is modern day slavery for thousands of women…”

I don’t normally shed light on the professional victim industry because attention is what they crave. That’s why they do what they do. However, I came across this article/press release about Shelley Lubben and her new book and felt compelled to write a few words. Congratulations Shelley. I bit the hook and took the bait. Perhaps you can use my words as a rallying cry to solicit more donations.

First off, why does it always take adversity for people to find Jesus? I’ve never understood that. I would be offended if I were him. You can find a church AND a liquor store on every street in America. Yet all these people choose to partake in “sin” FIRST before eventually settling on the enlightenment. Jesus is like the ugly nice girl who lives down the street. You eventually settle down with the ugly nice girl after you’ve snorted coke off the tattoo’d tits of the entire first shift at the Canoga Park Baskin Robbins.

Shelley attempts to rid the world of pornography in her latest book with statements like “pornography is modern day slavery for thousands of women…”. Now, I’ve watched a lot of pornography in my professional and non-professional life. I don’t remember ever seeing Ed Powers on the Dirty Debutante Slave Plantation speaking with a southern accent and cracking whips on porn star asses threatening them to laugh at his “humor” or to enjoy the mighty 4 inches he was about to inflict on them. I’ve never fucking seen it, Shelley. Perhaps I’ve never seen it because life is all about personal responsibility. A person can end up being debased in life to the point of making bad choices for themselves whether it be drugs, theft, or whatever else. However, they make those choices based on freefuckingwill. I’ve never met one person EVER who said they were forced into performing in adult entertainment as part of slavery. And anyone who has the evidence to claim this is a victim of a real crime. It’s called KIDNAPPING, Shelley!

Shelley stands at the altar of the lord with covered cleavage and also pontificates that pornography is slavery for “the millions of addicts who can’t stop clicking”. What constitutes an addict in your opinion, Shelley? Is it the natural biological need to blow a load every night with or without the cooperation of another legally conscious and breathing participant? I’ll tell you Shelley, if I’m on the road and I can’t find a female meth mouth within a 3 mile radius by 2:20am, I become a human Elmers Glue dispenser all over the Hilton bedding thanks to Mike’s Southern Bukkake or All Media Play. And depending upon my timeframe and level of alcohol consumption that evening, it’s rinse and repeat all over again. Just like the directions on your favorite shampoo. Does that make me an addict? Let’s allow Jesus to decide, Shelley. In the meantime, I’ll keep funding “slavery” and you keep working against me. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Cha-ching$$$. It doesn’t matter how we get there just as long as we get there. Right, Shelley?

The truth about Shelley Lubben

43370cookie-checkShelley Lubben – “Pornography is modern day slavery for thousands of women…”

Shelley Lubben – “Pornography is modern day slavery for thousands of women…”

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  1. I have no problem with people stating their opinions, but why do some folks have such an issue believing that MAYBE, JUST MAYBE some women are in porn because they want to be and because they enjoy sex?

    I do believe there are women in porn who are fooling themselves. These would be the women who have to be drunk or high to participate. Don’t talk to me about how much you love sex. Your actions speak louder than your words.

    But I also believe there are some women who are there because they genuinely WANT to be there and because they enjoy sex. Shelly needs to get over herself, and stop speaking as if she’s this expert on all things female/porn related.

  2. You said it perfectly Goddess. Women like Shelley Lubben and her victim posse do not represent the women I know in this industry. Women can’t strive for equality in life and then hold onto victimhood status when it comes to divorce and careers in porn.

  3. Mike, I sort of came to the conclusion that some people look at being religious and being in porn as polar opposites. For them, the cure for an overbearing Catholic family is to become a pornstar. The cure for being a pornstar is to be a born again Christian.

    I also think that porn, like any other job, isn’t for everyone. Some girls (and guys) come into the industry and love it, they do well from it, and either ride it out to the finish or take the money and run. Others however come in and just don’t enjoy it. They started for the wrong reasons (often connected to extreme poverty, drug use, suitcase pimps, or a history of abuse) and will never be truly happy with what they are doing. Porn isn’t slavery, it’s their life choices that are enslaving them. Porn just happens to be perhaps the only publicly visible part of their internal strife, and as such, looks like what is holding them back. Reality is that they are often troubled people who need to find peace with themselves, not with porn.

    The result? They “convert” to a religion that is suppose to make them feel better, give them a purpose, whatever – and everything to do with their past life was bad. The most public part again was the porn (not the drugs, the abusive relationships, or whatever evils were driving them). So porn is the evil thing, because they don’t have to face the rest of their evils in such a public way.

    I love the comments on Wikipedia about Penny Flame. “She became sexually active at age 12. Although she practiced safe sex, she has explained that her sexual activity was a way for her to achieve emotional validation that she could not achieve with healthy relationships with others” and “She stayed in that industry because, as she explained, it allowed her to work only three days a week, and because it fueled the sexual addiction that underlined her disconnect from love. Having smoked marijuana daily since the age of 12 or 13, she eventually moved on to cocaine, which became intertwined with her sexual addictions.[9]”

    That pretty much sums up many of the people who have wandered through the porn business. She is lucky only because she has found resolution to her problems by fixing herself, not by being blinded by religious zealots.

  4. Well said Alex and I think you hit the nail on the head….This biz is not for everyone i wouldn’t even say its good for most.

    As an industry we tend to protect our own AFTER they are in but precious few look at that new and cute little girl looking to do her first porn and ask themselves am I about to harm this person by taking advantage of someone in a desperate situation.

    Until porners can take some responsibility on the front end, the back end is always going to appear all bad to the rest of the world that doesnt understand the biz.

  5. You’re right, Steve, and I think this “victimhood” gives them an excuse to rationalize what they did because they just can’t or won’t admit they participated in porn willingly. I mean, who put the gun to their heads. Names! I need names!;)

  6. This has got to be one of the most hypocritical statements I’ve ever read. How is porn any more slavery than organized religion. This woman dictates what’s acceptable by a form of coercion via HER translation of a book, which is, by the way, merely a 17th century translation of portion of a collection of writings which were chosen (canonized) by a small group of men who left out the ones that didn’t suit their interests at the time. From what I’ve read on her various sites and seen in statements by her, she seems to preach the religion as “her way or hell”. I’ve been personally involved with religions of various types, and personally involved in lifestyles that Lubben deems as sinful (she contends that ANY sex outside of marriage is a sin). I’ve never been told what I HAD to do or accept in the lifestyle, never seen any women forced to obey someones else’ idea of what’s right and wrong. It’s all about freedom to choose what’s right for yourself as an individual. The same holds true in what little I’ve seen of the porn industry. I’ve never seen a girl forced to do anything she didn’t feel comfortable with, although I’m sure there are scumbags that will, I just don’t see it as the norm. Religion, on the other hand, can vary between each discipline and denomination, and even have great disagreements within the same denominations and regions. The one common thread among most of them is “We’re right. You’re wrong. And if you don’t agree and do as we say, you’re going to hell”. Isn’t that slavery?

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