I’ve become “that guy who dates a stripper”

You are reading the words of a once successful career driven man who’s dropped everything to hang out all day and night with a stripper who’s 17 years younger than him.

I feel like I’ve been trapped in a cult for a couple of months and just made a reconnection with the outside world. I never knew I had a time bomb of weakness inside of me just waiting for a specific woman to detonate. I walk around with a perpetual red face these days in complete disbelief and self-embarrassment that I have succumbed to the vaginal equivalent of Kryptonite.

I once considered myself to be a “man’s man”. My decision making process throughout my entire adult life has always been based on a “what would Johnny Cash, John Wayne, or Frank Sinatra do?” sense of higher judgement. The only questions I find myself asking these days are “do you want me to hold your money for you” and “how long do you plan on sleeping in today so I can tell the gardner when he can use the leaf blower”.

This isn’t about me having issues with taking a backseat for a change and focusing on a woman’s needs. I just can’t believe how quickly the metamorphisis from career driven creative guy to guy who hangs out in strip club dressing room 4 nights a week and laughs with the girls has taken place. I’m probably going to start having my period soon as well and all of us gals can eagerly sit around the dressing room and laugh and laugh about how we all share the same cycle……………………

Whatever the fuck is going on with me, it’s been a fun couple of months, but I feel like it’s definitely time to get back to my life now. I’m confident the relationship will still survive even if I attempt to sneak in a few hours of work everyday once again or steal away a few minutes to post on MikeSouth.com. I will, however, miss the 18 year old stripper named Isis who is always intrigued by the smell of her own vagina after she humps the poll and insists that I smell her fingers. More to come…

26740cookie-checkI’ve become “that guy who dates a stripper”

I’ve become “that guy who dates a stripper”

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  1. i still don’t get these posts about *real men*. Sounds like you guys are experiencing menopause or something. on the other hand when you’re surrounded by beautiful women who use their sexuality to manipulate(for good or bad) emotions and behaviors to get what they want perhaps that can get a little intimidating.

    here’s one: real men don’t come up with real men rules. lol.

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