I’m Eating Humble Hair Pie This Morning

I realized after reading my post about porn parodies that I came off sounding like “that guy who talks negatively about the porn industry”. I’m actually the complete opposite.

I will never regret my decision to walk away from the mainstream side of things after working in that industry for nearly 18 years (I’m 36 now). Life’s too short to feel burnt out every day of your life. No matter how much money they pay you. I can tell you unequivocally that I’ve had more fun in my brief porno career than with any of the big money gigs I had working for Disney, Viacom, or even the fucking Olsen Twins… When it comes down to it, there’s something to say about the power of happiness. For every cheesy porno flick released to market, there’s 100 awful movies on the mainstream side. For every porn company that cooks the books, Paramount and Warner Bros. are doing it 50 times over! If you don’t believe me, read this article about how Warner Bros. completely bullshitted there way into second place this past weekend with the “Speed Racer” box office numbers.

Bottom line: The adult industry is great, as long as you have enough common sense to know how to navigate your own career. There is no such thing as a “porn victim”. Unless you are being chained to a basement and forced to perform on film, every single adult in this industry is in control of their own personal destiny.

And last but not least… I have been involved in the casting of nearly 35 mainstream reality television shows in the U.S and Europe. I have never had a reality TV star thank me for casting them by blowing me in a Chatsworth IHOP while sitting in a booth at 3am eating a short stack. Thank you adult industry.

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I’m Eating Humble Hair Pie This Morning

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  1. No such thing as a porn victim? What about what happened to Belladonna when she first started? And didn’t she start doing drugs after she got into porn because of all the shit that first happened to her? And so many other girls that didn’t know that much about the business and so many other women with shitty agents who got screwed badly, in more ways than one.

  2. I do not believe in the culture of victimhood Darrah. I believe in personal responsibility. Everyone has a choice whether or not they want to do drugs. Unless someone has physically restrained you and forced a drug into your body, you are not a victim.

    I also do not feel sorry for people who enter into the adult industry as a result of “weakened Judgement” and make bad business decisions as a result. We live in the internet age. All the slimballs in this industry are well documented. If you do not take the time to research your business associates prior to entering into an agreement with them, you are just plain stupid. I don’t care if you’re selling real estate or selling vagina, you will get trampled in any industry if you do not have a fundamental common sense instinct for doing business.

  3. I believe in personal responsibility too, like if someone commits a crime. Mostly violent crimes. But what about the girls brought into porn by someone? Even Jim South said Traci Lords’ stepfather brought her into his studio. And that’s when she was 14. You also have Linda Lovelace’s abusive husband. I look at it case by case. Every industry has victims, young and old. By not feeling sympathy for people who might have gotten a bad start, bad middle, or bad end is setting yourself up to being cold and apathetic.

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