Gay for pay: How prevalent is it?

An old session musician friend of mine called me before the 4th of July asking if I had any production work because he was desperate for cash. He was behind on his rent, car payment, and he has a child. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any work available for him, but I did him a favor and paid his car insurance for him. I felt bad. After all, he has a young son and I knew he’d pay me back when he was doing better. I remember making a joke during our phone conversation about how unfair it was that women have the ability to do a quick scene to earn a few bucks, but if you’re a guy, there’s is no other option except having to take it up the ass if you’re desperate for cash. We both laughed and that was pretty much that.

Well, I got a call this evening from the guy telling me that he was going to drop a check in my mailbox tomorrow to pay me back for the car insurance money. I was shocked that he was able to come up with the money so quickly, and congratulated him on coming through for his family. The next words out of his mouth completely shocked the fuck out of me… He told me that he ended up answering an ad on Craigslist and did a couple of gay scenes. Now, people who know me know that It’s pretty hard to catch me at a loss for words, but hearing that this longtime friend who is a father did gay porn was the last thing I thought he was going to tell me. I figured he had gotten a last minute music gig or something. He went on to tell me that his car was about to be repossessed, and that he was coming up on 60 days past due on his rent. He ended up doing two days of work and made around $1700.

Now, I’ve known about gay for pay from hearing it mentioned once in a while in reference to some male performers in this industry, but I’ve never personally known anyone who has done it. Especially a bonafide straight guy who is a father. Am I fucking naive, but how prevalent is gay for pay in this industry? And on the flipside, other than the usual newsmakers, how many downlow gay guys are still working on the straight side?

28280cookie-checkGay for pay: How prevalent is it?

Gay for pay: How prevalent is it?

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  1. OK I really dont get it…I mean if you let your girlfriend to you with a strap on maybe you can catch but how do you pitch if you aren’t gay?

    I have always said it’s simply denial…I mean if you can look at a mans hairy ass and get wood…you aint straight

  2. I have to agree wholeheartedly Mike. You either are or you aren’t. There’s absolutely no grey zone there. I just wish this fucking guy would have kept his mouth shut and not told me. It’s too weird now to hang out with a guy who did that behind his families back. Creepy shit.

  3. My buddy Vlad sent this via email I think I have to agree….TMI on the part of yer buddy theres some things I dont wanna know….


    That is surprising but what is really surprising is that he volunteered the info. Well I guess if it is going to be on tape, no sense in denying it.

    I could never imagine that. Nice pics of you
    on the boat. Great looking fish.

    Arthur aka Vlad

  4. Unfortunately, my work history and non-picket fence lifestyle has opened me up to a number of uncomfortable situations amongst friends and distant relatives. My grandmothers younger sister once offered me a BJ at a wedding reception if I could get her daughter on MTV.

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