All of a sudden I have the hottest domain name in the country

Before I get back to my stripper ramblings, I come before the readers today seeking a little advice.

I’m not exactly what you’d would call a businessman. I’ve made an extended career out of trying to figure out creative scenarios to shoot drunk twenty somethings for reality television. That’s about it. I wouldn’t even know how to make a dime online unless someone physically held my fucking hand the entire time and did all the work for me. That’s why I find myself today in a very peculiar fucking situation.

There was a lot of talk last September during the presidential campaign about Barack Obama using a teleprompter for a majority of his campaign stump speeches. As a goof, I thought it would be funny to buy the domain for no reason whatsoever other than the goof factor. It wasn’t a political statement. Just something stupid. Prior to that, I had never purchased a domain other than my own name.

Fast forward 7 months later. Day after day the national news cycle is filled with stories about Obama and his teleprompter now. Rush fucking Limbaugh even mentioned my domain on his radio show today I found out a little while ago. How the fuck does a guy like me with a Michelin Man neck end up having one of the hottest domain names in the country? It is the luck equivalent of a retard with a 14 inch cock. From now on, it’s probably best that I stay indoors during lightening storms and start using condoms. Well, you could be a hot chick with a frequent customer card at a Hatian blood bank and I would still fuck you like a zoo exhibit without a condom. I won’t bullshit you.

The moral of the story is this. Me posting on is like wagering on cock fighting. It’s for entertainment purposes only. I don’t do blatant self-promotion here. I just have no idea what the fuck I should do with this domain name. Any advice from the web pros would be appreciated.

25800cookie-checkAll of a sudden I have the hottest domain name in the country

All of a sudden I have the hottest domain name in the country

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7 Responses

  1. Well you have the right initial idea…sell it but if you do so sell it quick, while the value is high

    if you want to develop it my first thought is to do videos of his teleprompter saying funny or outrageous (or both things), you can do this purely with an editing program obviously

    Id also look at adding video clips of his teleprompter screw ups and of course inviting user submissions of all of the above

    Im sure other stuff will come to miond but you should probably act fast…really fast

    something about windows of opportunity

  2. lol. pretty creative. if your goal is to make intelligent fun of obama then more power to you. personally i wouldn’t want to be part of any right wing (or worse left-wing) blog roll-call list.

  3. Mike, I can’t thank you enough for your great advice. You are right on. I will get to work here producing something. I’ll be sure to spread the wealth as well if I can make anything happen with it.

  4. DB the company that is doing that is phishing for domains that they can get when they expire, they are looking to see if the email bounces

    They may also be looking to forge the header and steal the domain

    Dont respond

  5. Thanks for the heads up DB. I appreciate it.… Holy shit! I hope you land a beach house with that one.

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