Is your Instagram and Twitter account safe?

For the past few months, porn stars Instagram accounts have been compromised.  It’s important that you take the extra steps to secure your social media accounts. From what I am being told, some of these hacks are because they are getting in through your email account, then just simply resetting your password to your Twitter or Instagram account and getting it through your email.

So what can you do?

Do not use the same password that you do for your email that you do for Twitter or Instagram. Also, make sure your Twitter and Instagram passwords are not the same.

When picking a password please stop using stupidly simple passwords. Always mix it up a bit and use a combination of letters and numbers but also use both upper and lowercase letters as well.

Don’t use words found in the dictionary. If you do make sure you spell them wrong. For example instead of using the word love, why not instead use l0V3? That’s a lower case l, the zero (instead of an o), an upper case V and instead of an e use a 3 instead.

If you don’t want to lose your social media accounts, KEEP THEM SAFE!

280510cookie-checkIs your Instagram and Twitter account safe?

Is your Instagram and Twitter account safe?

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