Billionaire Kanye West is very proud of stealing from sex workers, He gloats at his malevolent deed

Few on this planet would not know who the pugnacious, Ignoramous Buffon Kanye West is, I am one who would not be able to identify him standing alone at a mall Until the day he hooked up with Kim Kardashian, where he ran his course with her too. So he is not just famous, the man is said to be a billionaire.  Here he is flexing his ego, and more than just embellishing how proud he is ripping off, and stealing from sex workers. After all, if Kanye West aka Ye, would publically steal and snatch a microphone from Taylor Swift, Certainly he would commit far worse against a sex worker,

Listen for yourself. In his own words

Easily unhinged when challenged, boastful, and a cheat who becomes more and more unglued when he feels “disrespected”. Here he can be discovered in a nondescript appearance, the comportment left underscored remarks, showed just how his lackluster rants are wired in his twisted DNA, so proud of stealing from sex workers. What he is pirating and stealing, can be gotten for a loaf of bread for a man of his wealth.

How shameful and disgusting, his demeanor in this shitty podcast is deplorable. It is not just what he says I find disgusting, It is the way and his mannerisms he delivers his poor choice of words, complete with caveman style talk, laughing, and grinning as he belches this shit up from his stomach.  The man is a Billionaire. Have some manners and empathy for the less fortunate in comparison. Granted Not all sex workers are crying Mr. West, let’s bet. Kanye has been with more than one sex worker thus so far in his years.

Public response to his nonsense and nasty ways.


Kanye West steals from sex workers
Shameful caveman manners Kanye West rips off sex workers and so proud
Kanye West Enjoys stealing from sex workers
Kanye West Steals from sex workers and is so proud of it


He is no stranger to Disrecpecting women, Only he is next-level contemptible this time around, having his way with enticing others to do the same, Stealing Only Fans content via Reddit bootlegging. Sex workers should no longer be his friend and voice out his ways. A crooked tree will never grow straight.





Kanye West is Also known as “Ye”

If he Stole a Microphone from Taylor Swift, it’s not hard to imagine he would not steal from a Sex Worker


710391cookie-checkBillionaire Kanye West is very proud of stealing from sex workers, He gloats at his malevolent deed

Billionaire Kanye West is very proud of stealing from sex workers, He gloats at his malevolent deed

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  1. How many Onlyfans or Pornhub content makers are using his music in their videos illegally so it’s a fair trade . The day is coming when musicians are going sue Onlyfans for copyright infringement for unauthorized use of their music.

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