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11/20/03 AVN’s Wicked article
I’ve received quite a few e-mails on AVN’s Wicked Pictures profile. I have also read Mike South’s take on it. I will now add my 2 cents. While of course Wicked should highlight what is going on now and their new contract girls, I am insulted that they completely ignored my contributions to the growth of their company. Simply was classless. I was a contract girl for 5 plus years of their 10 year existence, longer than any girl to date and worked very hard that entire time for the team.

The reason I waited a bit to respond was to find out who excluded my contributions. This was not an AVN exclusion, this was a Wicked Pictures exclusion. An e-mail was sent to Wicked and went unanswered. . Looking back, I really should have left Wicked 2 years earlier. I had contract offers from other large companies ,but I thought I’d be the loyal girl to the company and person who signed me first. I would like to thank Greg Steele who directed my first contract movie, “Lost Angels”. It has still one of my favorite scenes with Alex Sanders. Also, thanks to Martin Brimmer for the great scripts I got to work with. There are a few other people ,but I’ll thank them in time. In closing I’ll add, I will happily continue to focus most of my energy on my own company … Las Vegas Novelties which is 5 years old in July.

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