Scumbag #3:

I got a lot of email over the weekend congratulating me for exposing scumbags in the biz, some asked if I was going to expose others, like Mark Speigler, Regan Senter, Reb and about a dozen others. I don’t really have first hand experience with those guys, nor has anyone related a story first hand so I can’t say they are deserving or not. One I can speak to though is another Atlanta local Collin Towers.

Collin is a bit more smooth, he does have an agency, one that is legit, to some degree, and he does get his girls a modicum of work. but a legit scumbag is still a scumbag. For starters Collin employs Rennie Bonhart (Scumbag #2), so that alone should tell you something….birds of a feather and all that.

Here is an email from one of his…ahem.. satisfied customers:

“He tried to have me sign an exclusive contract when we first moved here. I love it when people want you to sign contract but give no guarantee of work…..sounds like a real deal, huh? then to top that off he wanted it stated in the contract that I would have to do free shoots once a week that I would eventually get profit sharing off of from his content site. I did accept jobs from him for a while, non-contract, most of which were private perverts that just wanted a model to play with for a day. It was like he was the little pimp to all these girls, and he was pimping the girls out to geeks that can’t get girls so they hire the “models” from his website….”

Collin collects both a percentage from the models and an agency fee from the people who hire them, a practice that is illegal in many states, and those free once a week shoots that he wants…he sells that as content and of the 4 girls I spoke with none of them had ever received a dime in payment. Then to add insult to injury he also sells the photographs as stock photos and the girls he insists cannot do hardcore while under “contract” to him find their photos being used in hooker ads in such magazines as Xcitement and Nightmoves.

Even though he claims “his girls will not do boy/girl I have shot over half the girls he has claimed to represent. They come to me for work and if they pass my interview they get it.

Collin operates a company in Atlanta called Agency Glamour and is a reasonably good photographer, provided you like that 80s fashion look. All this aside, from everyone I have spoken with Collin is less than honest….stay away from him. If you want work in Atlanta contact me I know everyone who shoots here and I will be happy to provide you with work that matches your comfort zone and you won’t have your family reading ads in the paper with your picture proclaiming that you do incalls and are the “actual model pictured.” Oh ya…and you don’t have to pay me.

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Scumbag #3:

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