Raymond Frolander gets beaten down to a pulp, and gets arrested why?

Baby sitter nightmare. Eighteen-year-old Raymond Frolander gets beaten down. He really irked someone who thought Ray was a dear friend. Something you just never want to call Raymond Frolander, and it is an “N” word, and that word is NEIGHBOR! He is just not that guy you would want as a  neighbor or a friend, and especially if you have kids around,

Raymond Frolander
Raymond Frolander after a severe beating.


Raymond Frolander before the sever beating
Raymond Fronader before the severe beating









Why was Raymond Frolander kicked, tackled and beaten UFC style within inches of his life?

Raymond Frolander is a child molester. Caught in an unspeakable act, with a child and was punished by the victim’s father,



The 11 year victims father went heavy-handed UFC berserk

Meet the father of an 11-year-old boy who thought Raymond Frolander was a trusted friend, Raymond Frolander was treated like a family friend.

As the gentle and good father enters his home one evening, Only to find Raymond Frolander, with his pants down to his knees, molesting his 11-year-old child in a bedroom. The father Lost his temperments and beat the shit out of this disgusting pig forthwith. After the vicious beating, the father grabbed a knife from the kitchen, The father stated, he was about to commit an unthinkable act of abomination proportions. He was driven to murder of the molester. As the 11-year-old son pleaded with his father to spare Raymond’s life. The raging father yield to his virtues, sparing the disgusting pig from an irreversible act that could never be undone.

Hear the Father Speak about the assault and Raymond Frolander beaten down



This may be of little comfort to a traumatized father and his son, however, it could have ended far worse. The father was not arrested and rightfully so.

After calling the police, The father made it clear to officers before they arrived, the accused was left in a bloody puddle of blood. It could have gotten worse for the father. We commend him for his actions and restraint.













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Raymond Frolander gets beaten down to a pulp, and gets arrested why?

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