Las Vegas Talent Beware: Daniel Hoyt a.k.a. Strife ‘Super Aggressive When He Doesn’t Get His Way’

A large and growing chorus of female adult performers and models in Las Vegas have come forward with tales of abusive, bullying behavior by a local low-end talent who goes by the name Daniel Hoyt, as well as the nom de porn Strife.

The accusations range from claims of creepy intrusive behavior to sexual assault, harassment and altering or using fake HIV/STI tests — and now number in the dozens.

One performer who dared come out against Hoyt / Strife is Sonia Harcourt:

Like the punk he is, Daniel Hoyt immediately played victim and went after the women who have shared their stories, such as Violet October.

Several performers we contacted said they were afraid to say any more about Strife / Hoyt than they had already posted on social media. Likewise, a female performer in Las Vegas who contacted to share her story requested we not publish her name for fear of attack by Strife / Hoyt.


“We need to get this guy out of this industry,” she said. “He’s super aggressive when he doesn’t get his way.”

One performer submitted the following statement, which we have lightly redacted for privacy and safety reasons.

When I arrived to his house to shoot a clip … was the first time I’d ever met him. He kissed me straight on the lips without hesitation, I was caught off guard but didnt want to make the situation uncomfortable immediately and let it go.
We talked and got our scene ideas together. He kept touching me on my legs and would call me a certain name that I didnt use for many people. I did ask him to call me [by another name], but he stilled tried to call me [by the personal name] afterward.
We did our clip and talked a bit more. I remember one time he walked right up to me and was like. “Kiss me”, and without waiting leaned in to kiss me. That happened multiple times. . . .
I went to LA with them for about four days and it was the most frustrating trip I’ve ever been on. Daniel was angry most of the time. We did a radio show, and with [redacted] as my witness he watched Daniel come up to me and try to kiss me again on the lips. My body language alone could tell everyone in the room how uncomfortable it made me. I even spoke with [redacted] about it when he finally had walked away.
It finally blew up when he owed me content that I had paid him to edit, that he took an excessive amount of time to get back to me. He got mad that I had to bring it up to him. I told him I wanted my content or my money back and he yelled at me that the L.A. trip was a big disaster because of me and called me a bunch of names. Now there’s rumors of him faking tests. I admit I saw a test but now I’m questioning the validity of it. However, I dont have 100% proof of that, maybe others might
I stopped speaking to him that day. However I feel for his wife Christian. . . . She was always very sweet to me.

This tweet by Strife / Hoyt is fascinating. PASS is FREE to join.

This punk also pulled his “performer”account and made his photographer account private due to the heat he’s been taking.

Photo Punk


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Las Vegas Talent Beware: Daniel Hoyt a.k.a. Strife ‘Super Aggressive When He Doesn’t Get His Way’

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