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I need some help from my fellow photographers, webmasters, and anyone else that might have some advice on this subject.

I submitted some pictures I took of Nicole Graves aka CoCo to Gallery Magazine’s GND in early 2006 and they liked them enough to hire Nicole to shoot for their November 2006 issue of Gallery Magazine’s “Girl Next Door” of the month. She did the shoot with Steven Hicks crew on 06/20/06 and of course Steven and his crew are awesome and it was a great shoot, one of Nicole’s favorite, and Nicole appeared in Gallery’s magazine as a result.

Our problem is this, Nicole ($2500) still hasn’t been paid by Gallery Magazine’s parent company Montcalm Publishing and neither have I ($500) as the submitting photographer. I don’t know if Steven got paid, but I hope he did so he isn’t going through what Nicole and I are going through.

I’ve spoken to Brian Orenstein the CFO of Montcalm Publishing and have gotten nowhere with him and he just gives me the run around and excuses. Is there anyone out there who has any suggestions on how to get paid by Gallery and Montcalm Publishing? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

We all love and admire Nicole’s work and no one she has worked with has ever stiffed her until now. She did her shoot over a year ago on 06/20/06and still hasn’t received a penny for her work. Is there anyone else out there who is having the same problem?

Nicole appears in Gallery’s GND November 2006 issue as CoCo and it is an awesome shoot, but Nicole and I just want to get paid for what they contractually agreed to pay us.

All suggestions are welcome!

Makes me appreciate the stand up guys in the magazine biz like Dan Davis….He ALWAYS paid me right on time…Thanks brudda!

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From GFY YNG prod Posts

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