Evil Angel Bans August Ames Bully Jaxton Wheeler

In the wake of the sudden death of beloved adult performer August Ames, presumed a suicide, John Stagliano’s Evil Angel Video has honored Ames’ memory and banned performer  from appearing in any scenes for the company.

Wheeler is the “pansexual” psycho bully who savaged Ames, 23, on Twitter after she expressed her opinions and preferences when it came to who she allowed inside her body.

Evil Angel bans Jaxton Wheeler
Jaxton Wheeler, douchebag. (Source: Twitter)


Today, in the wake of reports of Ames’ tragic death (a story which we broke on this site), Jaxton Wheeler set out to do damage control. But although he seemed to have moderately better control over his anger issues, he still managed to make himself look even more like a douche.

Jaxton Wheeler tweet

So, the way Wheeler saw it, Ames just didn’t get it, so he “used her platform” to tackle what he thought was an important issue.

Like this:


Not only is he quite the loquacious charmer, he’s also dead wrong about testing standards in gay porn (although it is true that he would have to undergo “straight” porn’s PASS testing regimen before he could perform in any fluid exchange scene with a female performer).  But that’s beside the point. The point is, or should be, how can we discuss issues without piling on like a Stalinist lynch mob?

Ames was talking about mitigating risk for herself. You know, choice, agency and bodily integrity, subjects that the LGBTQ community, like the sex worker community, has been talking about for years.

Except with people like Jaxton, you have right to choose. . . so long as they agree with your choice.

Evil Angel is the first adult company to tell Jaxton Wheeler to fuck off, and more will follow.

Evil Angel bans Jaxton Wheeler

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Evil Angel Bans August Ames Bully Jaxton Wheeler

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8 Responses

  1. He will be lucky if he does not end up on trial for Manslaughter (and maybe he should to set an example).

    Just Google Michelle Carter.

  2. Will you please explain to us how the HIV testing differs between gay and straight porn stars?

  3. Kook, unfortunately a large part of the gay side of adult film doesn’t test and just assumes everyone performing is already HIV positive. Paul Morris at Treasure Island Media even makes adult films with the premise that someone is taking HIV positive dick in order to catch HIV himself (what a cocksucking madman — I would tell him to take tranny dick but since he is already gay he probably would enjoy it). I think that part of the industry is slowly shrinking but to this day VD test protocol isn’t reliably enforced at many companies on that end of the biz. With this in mind I understand why performers on the straight side don’t want to fuck guys that “pitch and catch” on the gay and tranny side (Christian XXX has pretty much been shunned on the straight side in recent years because of this — too bad he has got in on the PC homophobia shaming similar to what killed August in the past and made himself look like an ass numerous times). I hope we — both fans and those working here in adult film — learn our lesson from this and not let it happen again.

  4. Kook, I need to look for links now that I haven’t read about it in a bit but it has been discussed right here on Mike South many times. The subject was heavily discussed in 2010-2012. To my knowledge nothing has changed.

  5. Kook, this subject has been discussed on here in May 2015 (link: http://bit.ly/2khEPcV ), January 2015, March 2014, September 2014 — this one by the man that set up the system we in straight porn use in 1998 (link: http://bit.ly/2kQrX1l ) and October 2014 just to name a few. There are pages of these types of articles on this site, search “gay HIV testing”, they all won’t be pertinent but I bet you have more than you need to start your own search using other websites. Needless to say the gay side of the industry not testing for HIV at least is a big problem (I don’t like the idea of keeping anyone that has performed in the gay side of the biz out but think August was justified in her stance — not performing with those that pitch and catch in gay porn). Good luck, Kook and I hope I helped you in your search for the information you need to formulate your opinion on this matter and if applicable make informed consent in the adult film industry.

  6. @kook

    Search through Cal/OSHA archives for minutes and documents tested to proposed changes to the blood borne pathogens regulations. Between 2004 and 2017 FSC mouthpieces including board members, paid directors and outside counsel submitted dozens of segregated testing rationales via comments and documents which have all become part of the official Cal/OSHA records.

    Another place to look is citation appeals records, especially decisions after ruling which became facts for use in civil courts.

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