Do You Want Ben Gay All Over You?

Got the video clip and yup it’s him. Apparently He did quite a bit of gay porn while he was still in the UK. Then got here and denied it. But what gives me more concern is the Caverject issue…face it, that’s an open sore on his dick and an ideal way to pass HIV.

Ben English Gay Video

Ben Gay….Comes To America:

In the beginning, I’m told, pretty much nobody would even talk to him. He was simply seen as another cling on in the porn biz. His S.O. Hannah Harper was contracted to Sin City and he used her money from that contract to start L.A.Direct, a company that she was, according to his press releases and such, half owner of.

So when they split she got half or got bought out right? Well not exactly. My sources indicate that she was forced to sign over not only her half of the company but also her car or he would”have her deported”

Hannah has spoken of Ben’s preference of guys and sometimes trannies, having caught him on more than one occasion while they were together, to make matters worse she claims that Ben wasn’t having sex with her and hadn’t been for six months or more.

When Hannah continued to be a thorn in his side he finally gave her car back to her in exchange for clear and free ownership of L.A. Direct which is pulling in some 100-120K per month, why would Hannah do that? Word is that L.A.Direct is facing some pretty serious legal/tax issues.


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Do You Want Ben Gay All Over You?

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