Bombshell! Louie Smalls Was at Hobbs House During Early Morning Explosion! Was There a Drive By? Who Will Be Next to Catch The Drip?

Louie “The Drip” Smalls is a resident at lowlife Geoff Hobson’s model house and backyard trailer park, where adult film starlet Violet Rain lived until shortly before her tragic overdose death in March 2019 — and a security camera captured an explosion outside that house a 1:00 am last Friday morning, December 13.

Readers will recall that Louie Smalls is the adult talent who was dropped from his contract earlier this year, and was recently outed on social media as having tried to work before he was cleared of having gonorrhea and/or chlamydia.

The following news report is from Fox News LA :

Residents in Woodland Hills were jolted out of their homes early Friday morning after a possible explosive device detonated just yards away from properties.

It happened near Oakdale Avenue and Martha Street around 1 a.m.

Video from a home security system nearby shows a black SUV slowly driving by, then there is a bright flash and loud boom just seconds later.

“It was the loudest explosion I’ve ever heard in my life,” said Geoffrey Hobson, who lives nearby. “I’ve heard gunshots, I’ve heard car backfires, an M-80, it was nothing even close to that, this was an earth-shattering explosion.”

Other neighbors agree.

I don’t know what it was, it sounded like a grenade honestly, like a big, kapow you know, and I didn’t go outside for like 10 seconds cause I was a little nervous,” said Terrance Saintil.

[R]esidents posted online that they had heard the boom from all over the area.

“I was inside watching TV then all of a sudden just a bang,” said Aryan Barza.

Barza’s Ring security video captured the footage of the passing car, the flash, and the boom.

“I don’t know if it had to do with the car, or if it was someone who put something and then just took off,” Barza said.

He told FOX 11 he and other neighbors saw smoke but didn’t find any debris in the street following the explosion.

“If I’ve ever heard a bomb, which I haven’t, that would be the closest thing, but there’s nothing visible around us to know what it was,” Barza said.

Bombshell! Louie Smalls Was at Hobbs House During Early Morning Explosion! Was There a Drive By? Who Will Be Next to Catch The Drip? Bombshell! Louie Smalls Was at Hobbs House During Early Morning Explosion! Was There a Drive By? Who Will Be Next to Catch The Drip?

Hobbs House previously reported on the so-called “Hobbs House” in a series of articles from April 2018, without naming Geoffrey Hobson a.k.a, Geoff Hobbs.

Incidentally, the property is right around the corner from Trinity St. Clair‘s alleged trap house.


Property owner Geoff Hobson’s only direct connection to the adult film world is that he once performed in a “Fuck A Fan” scene for Porno Dan Leal.

Geoff Hobson (right) in the yard of “Hobbs House”

In 2017 or 2018, he began renting out rooms and trailers as part of his “Hobbs House” model house venture.

An industry source familiar with Hobson’s model house says, “It’s like he’s trying to turn it into a hostel for girls. None of them have money, but all of them want to go out and do stuff. He tells girls, ‘I have all the connects to the club scene.’

At the time she resided there, Violet Rain was one of the more responsible young ladies at Hobbs House, and had a valid driver’s license, so she would often be asked to drive the other Hobbs House models around. Parker recalls Rain driving “the few [models] she got along with, but they constantly fell out.”

She adds that Rain and troubled performer Meggan Malone “were close-isa”.

Another source, who met Rain though Hobson, was more blunt: “They would have Violet drive the cokeheads around.”


Who was driving that mysterious car?

With people like Smalls living there, and considering how Hobson loves to brag about having models living on his property, and with St. Clair owning a property around the corner, might this explosion have actually been a drive by? These people do have shady connections and lots of enemies.

For the sake of the models who live there, let’s hope not. Catching the

Bombshell! Louie Smalls Was at Hobbs House During Early Morning Explosion! Was There a Drive By? Who Will Be Next to Catch The Drip?

536530cookie-checkBombshell! Louie Smalls Was at Hobbs House During Early Morning Explosion! Was There a Drive By? Who Will Be Next to Catch The Drip?

Bombshell! Louie Smalls Was at Hobbs House During Early Morning Explosion! Was There a Drive By? Who Will Be Next to Catch The Drip?

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7 Responses

  1. Darn it again Geoffery Hobson. County Sheriff raided the house twice. US Marshall’s Office raided and captured a Federal Fugitive a few years ago. What is strange is there are now approximately nine Trailers and two boats parked there and junk cars parked there packed in like sardines with one Bunk bed in the kitchen and up to four bunk beds in each tiny bed rooms. Question is now when will the city come out with the K 9 drug sniffing dogs and shut this Sanford and Son junk yard theme park down.
    Geoff you should be ashamed of yourself man.

  2. BTW Geoffery Hobson is the Neighborhood watch commander and a notorious drug dealer. That explosion likely came from one of many trailers parked on his moms property.

    Obviously he or his associates fouled the Meth recipe resulting in a meth lab explosion.
    Nice job Geoff in loosing the news media off your tail while giving a bum steer. Excellent distraction.
    Geoff watches alot of Law and Order and ID channel crime documentaries.
    Heard Geoff laughs at cops and calls them stupid

  3. Billy… when you listed the buildings there you forgot to include Louie Smalls tent and sleeping bag!

  4. The big question now is what will Louie “Mr. Snotty Dick” Smalls (regarding his name, Biggie has to be rolling in his grave right now over this, I wonder if Biggie could order a hit on Louie from the grave for besmirching the Smalls name) do for money now that he is virtually unemployable in this industry. Will he cook meth and sell it, will he live in Skid Row in a ratty tent and sleeping bag or will he be a male hooker sucking dick and taking it up the ass for Trinity St. Clair (better known to readers as Ms. St. Whore). Also, will Mr. Snotty Dick do 30 days in Men’s Central Jail in Los Angeles like Mr. Marcus (Mr. Syphilis) did for giving 18 unfortunate girls syphilis. Snotty Dick is highly contagious, unless Bella caught him right away he had to give some poor chick snotty pussy or snotty asshole. Let’s just say I hope his fellow inmates get to him and fuck him up in more ways than one.

  5. Lol Matthew Harris. Read the first sentence in your post and just knew by the end you’d describe one of your sexual prison fantasies. You never let us down.

  6. BevMo, you can’t tell me with a straight face that you don’t want Mr. Snotty Dick fucked up in more ways than one. I am sure Mr. Snotty Dick is on your “NO FUCKING WAY” list, you might be an ass but you aren’t known for letting BS onto your sets. You are a porn director, you certainly don’t want the reputation as directing sets that have snotty dick passed around on them like a joint at Woodstock (since you were born after 1960 and probably don’t remember you can Google “Woodstock”, the TL/DR description is that it was (IIRC) a three day hippie gathering with rock bands playing in (IIRC) 1969). Enjoy your Christmas holiday in the cold, frozen north — Nunavut is nice and cold this time of year. Maybe the lakes are frozen over (creating a frozen surface for you to drive on) and you can drive your Rent-A-Wreck from Ottawa to Iqaluit, drinking Crown Royal all the way there. I hope you speak fluent Inuktitut and Inuinnaqtun, you will need it to buy your liquor supply while you are up there!

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