Another Scumbag Alert:

This one is pretty minor but he is hitting yahoo groups and such pretty hard. The guy’s name is Rennie Bonhart and he claims to have a Company called “3rd Rock Productions” He isn’t legit and he can’t do a thing for anyone. He will ask you to shoot “On Credit” and end up owing you money. He is characterized by his illiteracy, here is a sample sentence:

“No greedy flakes that are only takers you would not work in other types of work or company that is sucessfull in adult and only take not give to the company you work for or you would not be needed they would go out of business so that is not business.”

Here is a clue ladies, anyone this illiterate is not a legit business person… Another one to avoid…

Anyone with experience with Rennie is welcome to email me.

7730cookie-checkAnother Scumbag Alert:

Another Scumbag Alert:

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