XBiz Awards Live Online

 I had intended to attend this show in Los Angeles but doctor appointments prevented me from doing so, so I had to watch online.

First i do want to give credit to the XBiz folks.  One email was all it took and I had my press credentials.  No bullshit no jumping through hoops, they knew who I was when I asked and they granted me credentials with no hassles.

I wish I could have been there.

Watching online was an exercise in futility, I’m not sure who was responsible for the feed, the sponsor, Video Secrets or the XBiz folks but it was horrid. The video couldn’t be viewed full screen  and the java scripting on the site made it reload every 5 mins or so forcing you to restart the feed, but the worst part was the audio.  The stage microphone apparently didn’t have a direct feed so they used the on camera mic for the audio and it picked up all the background noise at a volume that was way too loud.  If they were going for the you are there ambiance (or lack thereof) well….you get it.  I expect better from a technology company that is web savvy.

The show started 90 minutes late, that’s unforgivable. Period.

As with most porn award shows they have no idea who the audience is. I will clue y’all in.  Porn is Rock and Roll, the hip-hop, rap, gangsta, techno crap is plain annoying. It was bad enough they played Tone Loc, but Electric Avenue?  Good lord. Musically the high point came with a performance to Ike and Tina Turner’s version of “Proud Mary”.

The most embarrassing moment came when a tribute was paid to the late Frank and JoAnn Cadwell who founded CCBill, the audience simply didn’t have enough respect to shut the fuck up, everyone there should be ashamed. I know I was.

Speaking of, a word to Bree Olsen, there is a time and place to flash your tits.  This wasn’t either, or at least it shouldn’t have been.

But I did notice that Bree has come a long way.  She has stage presence, her use of body language and big gestures shows she has come a long way from the girl who used to be too shy to go onstage in a strip club and and say her name. She was the only female to consistently  speak into the microphone and project, one of very few that I could hear over the background noise, kudos to her for that.

Ladies learn from this….you have higher frequency voices, they do not resonate, that means you have to hold the microphone close to your lips and project otherwise you aren’t heard.

Personally I think this biz has too many awards shows, this is one that should rise to the top, I want this one to be successful, but it has a long way to go.

To the Xbiz folks, put some professionalism and production value into the show, learn who your audience is and take this as constructive, I’m not beating up on you, you have the talent and ability to make this show  much better, so do it.

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XBiz Awards Live Online

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