Dude You’re getting A Dell!

My dear. dear firend A-Dell over at Digital Playground informed me that untill I wrote a review of “Sweet 101”, Robby D’s latest vid, I have NO Chance of getting A Dell. I can write anything, bad or good I just had to look at it. OK I looked at it.

Sweet 101

Ok writing good reviews isn’t nearly as fun as writing bad reviews, this video was even tougher because from a traditional standpoint it isnt very strokeable. From a movie standpoint it isn’t bad at all, matter of fact it’s pretty good, in that “Cafe Flesh” type of video, even though it is more reminescent of “800 Fantasy Lane”. With a bit more character development and some script tightening this indeed could have found a “cult” following.

If you have watched recent releases from Digital Playground the first thing you notice is that there is a certain depth to the video that you rarely see in shot on video stuff it gives it a much closer look to that of film, It even sacrifices sharpness to attain this look. When it works it works well.specially when a scene needs a soft look. This was a good look for this video it’s setting in an old hotel jives with the old film look well. The lighting and the direction are very solid, the music actually works, the characters are generally believeable even though you dont really get drawn in.

The basic story is a carrier for the sex scenes, Bellhop ( Eric Masterson) handles guests requests in the hotel. The first one brings him to a guy (Marty Romano) who is threatening to shoot himself in the head because he thinks his wife (April) is fooling around. The wife talks him down and they fuck in a condom scene with a belly pop.

Scene 2 has him listening to Tyce Bune and Anne Marie in a hooker meets John who likes dirty talk scene…no condom here Tyce pops on her ass.
(OK it struck me as odd that the wife is using a condom but the hooker isnt….)

Scene 3 Has the bellboy delivering “munchies to a stoned Evan Stone and his equally high Girlfriend Aurora Snow…OK Maybe Evan wasn’t acting….they throw down like stoners with a pop on Auroras chin.

Scene 4 has a paranoid guy (Jay Ashley) on the 8th floor who hears noises outside his window. His girlfriend Kaylynn is equally fucked up, they play this out to the end in what is likely the worst sex scene you will see all year but it is staying true to the story. There is no pop and only a little oral in this one.

Scene 5 Pairs the A girl in the tub (Faith Adams) with the Bellboy (Masterson) in a no condom scene with a pop on her tits.

There is a small story twist at the end that I wont reveal.

While this isn’t very strokeable it is good direction and lighting by Robby D and Joone, it shows promise that Robby D may indeed have a future in directing real story driven stuff.

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Dude You’re getting A Dell!

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