Ya Gotta Love Peelers:

I’m in Dayton, hangin with Tim and Fifi, been here since Tuesday. Now Since tuesday here are just a few of the happenings at Flamingo Show Club on North Dixie in Dayton OH.

The new bartender was told that on every Wednesday she was to water the ferns out in front of the door. So she fills up a big jug with water and goes out and dutifully waters the ferns, as you may have guessed, they are artificial ferns, but she watered both pots making sure the distribution was appropriate and even checking to make sure she did it right. though she was perplexed as to why we were all pratically crying.

Stripper Quote #1:

Its 2:45 AM and this little stripper is sitting in the office waiting on her ride, the club closed 45 minutes before and Tim can’t leave until all the peelers are gone. Tim asks her where is your ride? She says her brother is coming to get her. tim says have you called him? she says no, we communicate via esp. I about lost it and said well esp that motherfucker to get his ass over here and pick you up!

Stripper Quote #2:

Tim gets a phone call in his office, it’s imperative that the caller speak to Bambi (name changed to protect the guilty) the caller insists its a bona fide real emergency. Tim has the DJ page the girl to the office. She gets on the phone and answers the emergency question….What was the emergency? The caller was frantic because she couldnt find the bag of weed.

Stripper Quote #3:

Another emergency call, this time it’s a guy and it turns out he needs money to pay the hotel rent…they are living in a hotel…When Tim asks the dancer what the boyfriend does…the answer…Oh he is between jobs right now….Good Lord…

I Stand Corrected…I Am Allowed to be Wrong Once A Year:

so now Im out for the year…Daniel Metcalf Writes:

Dear Mike,

I know you’re close to the creators of PIRATES, so I thought I’d share this with you. While I applaud them for getting mainstream distribution for an R-rated cut of their very fine film, it’s being described in certain areas of the press as being the first adult movie to win such a release, and the simple truth is that it’s not.
In 1983 Anthony Spinelli created the lavish 40s style film noir melodrama IT’S CALLED MURDER, BABY, starring John Leslie and mainstream Hollywood legend Cameron Mitchell. The film was released theatrically to mainstream theaters as IT’S CALLED MURDER, BABY in its R-rated incarnation (where it did quite well, given its budget) while the XXX cut, called DIXIE RAY, HOLLYWOOD STAR, played in adult cinemas in the same markets simultaneously.
Years ago, Mr. Mitchell granted me two phone interviews prior to his untimely passing in 1994, as the groundwork for a career-spanning biography still seeking publication. In it, he speaks fondly of working with everyone from Paul Newman, Shirley Jones, and Sidney Pontier, to yes, Anthony Spinelli, John Leslie, and, especially Kelly Nichols (whom he genuinely liked and worked with on a total of three films, the best known being THE TOOLBOX MURDERS in 1980).
IT’S CALLED MURDER BABY was the first XXX American release to receive substantial mainstream distribution in R-rated form, but more importantly, its blend of high-art and exploitation makes it a key film in interpreting the 230 film-strong career of one of America’s most underrated character actors.

Ya know…sad thing is I KNEW that and had forgotten it. Dixie Ray was widely considered to be the only porn movie ever made that actually stands on its own with no sex scenes. It was very well shot (on film) and actually had good acting, plot and all


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Ya Gotta Love Peelers:

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