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If the case is that AIM is truly not helping the adult industry be safe, then we are ALL at risk. We are ALL operating at same level as all other active nymphs of the world. I do not believe that Condom Only, bullshit will save anyone, either! It is a fact that you can get Herpes Simplex 1 &/or 2 WITHOUT visibly seeing an outbreak on the carrier.Therefore, oral is ALWAYS a 50/50 risk. Considering so many within the industry already have it. I believe that careless behavior is what we need to be discouraging. The decision to perform in adult films should be a one that is monogamous to the industry. We are here to have fun and be safe together.

I certainly agree that respomsibility should be first and foremost in everyone’s mind in this business but guess what? When you are dealing company owners who would gladly kill a girl if it would make them a dollar and a cesspool of misogynists parading as directors you aren’t really in an environment conducive to nurturing personal responsibility. The risk of STDs now are pretty much secondary, the risk of bodily injury and a hospital stay are MUCH more likely.

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Dear Mister Bukkake…

Thank you very much for posting the recent letter from JKP head honcho Bob Friedland to his contract performers at Jill Kelly Productions. Had it not been for your generous cutting and pasting of this letter from some barely-visited Yahoo! group, we might have missed a truly bizarre peek into the inner workings of the modern porno biz.
I just spent twenty minutes struggling through Friedland’s Alzheimers-induced maze of gross misspellings, bizarre grammatical constructions, and tortured syntax, and I believe I’ve been able to decipher exactly what it is he is trying to say.
JKP contract girls:
DO sign your posters. Please. Pretty please with sugar on it.
DO start minding your P’s and Q’s.
DO make every attempt to show up at all events, especially important ones like meet-and-greets with fans, and late night dinner dates/business meetings (especially the overnight ones with Old Man Friedland).
DO come up with semi-believable excuses as to why you can’t show up for a single scheduled appearance — remember girls, Jason Seachrest is no longer on board, so we have no one left to come up with creative excuses for you.
DO NOT expect to ever receive any residuals for your films, any fair compensation for your work, or any type of insurance, etc…regardless of what you might hear from people.
DO NOT take your contract to any lawyer or person of the legal persuasion to be reviewed before you sign it. After all, they don’t love you like JKP does.
Please DO remember that six years of your adult career is not too much for us to ask — think of the company, after all, and stop being so selfish.
DO NOT mention the names Cynara Fox, Star E. Knight, Devon, Tabitha Stevens, or Jewel De Nyle to anyone, ever again.
DO NOT, under any circumstances, get old.
Thank you.

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