Who Wants To Dance On Stage At The Whiskey A Go Go:

Wank Punter is looking for a few porn stars to join them and their Fluffettes on stage at the Whisky A Go Go – August 10th. (Los Angeles, CA)!

Must be willing to strip down to a g string (nipples must be taped or covered!) and be VERY provocative!

Our girls are looking forward to cavorting with the stars so if ya wanna come out for a blast and join an outrageous rock n roll party as well as be a part of THE SHOW, give us a shout and we’ll splurge the details!

There’s an awesome VIP guest list shaping up both from the mainstream world of entertainment and that of the adult industry so c’mon out and shake yer money-maker. Ya never know who’s watching!

Send all inquiries to: [email protected]

Updates Will Be A Little Sporadic For The next Few Days Because I Am Travelling:


Word I get is that Vivid is about to add a new contract girl…none other than Alektra Blue.

And I Have A New Reader I’d Like To Welcome (Cuz she is fuckin HOT)

I just started reading your site recently…

Fucking hillarious! The way you talk about things just tickles my ass… lol. Keep it up. And the little pictures of you, toenails, cheesecake etc… I almost died! : )

Mia rose

And On The Pedicure Thingy Mark Writes:

Hardly, with Fifi squating on yer johnson while she’s painting your toes
I’d say that was rather cunning of you. lol

Being like family and all, it stands to reason why the both of ya still
have pants on though. Had you two been naked, that would have been just so
wrong. lol

Anyhoo, regarding the music of Luther Cambell, they easily set things right
by bringing in WANK PUNTER next year! Hell, if the boys are good enough
for Playboy TV, Playboy Radio, AOV TV et al, I’m sure the band would fit
right in with the type of crowd generally expected at these sort of events! ; )
Actually, to be quite honest, I think they’d bring the roof down!

RA Media

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Who Wants To Dance On Stage At The Whiskey A Go Go:

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