What a Hoot!:

Hey Mike,
While watching the “Today Show” last week from my fabulous suite at the Econo Lodge in Xenia,Ohio-Dolly Parton was doing the Friday concert.And they showed a video of her singing Collective Soul’s “Heaven let your light shine”. Maybe Dolly is finally letting that repressed rocker chick inside her out. You know what’s next if she keeps this up…”Dolly Parton Gangbang” series.


Just damn Richard, I have mixed emotionas about all this…on the one hand I love Dolly’s infamous qutoe “It costs a lot of money to look the cheap” on the other hand her singing these rock classics with her voice, that in my opinion could peel paint off of wals is just plain wrong on about a zillion different levels….Almost as wrong as the Visual of Dolly being gangbanged. Although Im sure Anabolic would be ineterested.

Say it ain’t so:

Dolly Parton actually covers the Zep song “Stairway to Heaven” in her latest release. Whoever is responsible for selling the rights should be immediatly executed. Word is Dolly rewrote the last verse complete with a gospel choir. No I’m NOT making this up.

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What a Hoot!:

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