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Hi Mike. I think that Steve article you posted was from Steve Hatcher since he wrote something similar on another site. (Steve shoots a good scene BTW. He worked for us in the Adam and Eve movie KSEX 1: Sexual Frequency)When I first read his comments on other sites about the lack of respect he felt Anna got, I thought to myself, “okay dude, calm down. The “out with the old, in with the new” ideals are how the entertainment business as a whole works.

After thinking about it and re-reading what he wrote on your site…he has a point. Even though it’s pretty standard to focus on what’s new and what’s hot, this is the only form of entertainment that really doesn’t put a lot of respect into their alumni.

Think about it. When a rocker is on his death bed, or eventually passes on, the music industry goes nuts–practically organizing parades. Same thing with legendary actors, even broadway stars that most people don’t know by household name get props on network news.

During press interviews, new talent in mainstream entertainment has enough tact to praise their role models and to call them things like “mentors” and “inspirations” (even if they could care less when they’re alone). The point is, the respect is there publicly which translates to the fans and is certainly deserved for someone who has been consistant in their work over such a long span.

Many new girls in the porn biz mock the Ginger Lynn’s, Teri Weigels, etc. when they should learn from them, aspire to represent their craft like some of the legends did, remember that they represent their community, and display their lifestyle in a way that we can all be proud of. Many of the new industry inductees could use some lessons in class from the older alumni…the only thing a lot of these newbees know about CLASS is that they cut it in high school.

Last year the awards show organizers at AVN tried to stop Kylie Ireland from walking down the red carpet because she arrived at ONE minute past the deadline for interviews. She was a hall of fame nominee. Can you imagine George Pinochio telling Charlton Heston that he can’t get interviewed and has to go right to his seat because he’s late?

See that’s another problem right there. In the adult business, the press and the organizations sometimes think they’re more important then the stars. Don’t get me wrong, whether it’s straight news, gossip or even KSEXradio, the trades play an important role in the world of porn. But, in mainstream, the press chases the stars. They are aware of the importance of the star or the news item of the day or the company of the week, etc. In porn, it’s almost the other way around. Companies are always looking for press, even when they put out visionary product. The stars are desperate to be noticed, even if they have to say negative, childish shit to do so on message boards. Yea, I know, girls are coming in and out of this business like a freckles on Danny Bonoduci’s face, but there are a lot of stars who have earned their tenure and shouldn’t have chase respect. They earn it for the years of giving their souls to the big man for rent money.

Without turning this into a completely out of control rant, I just wanted to thank Steve for speaking his mind. I said it during the HIV crisis a few years back and I’ll say it again. We can learn so much from the veterans of this business if we’d stop acting like we (A) know it all (B) don’t care (C) we’re only in it for ourselves, and (D) stop trying to out-do each other in shock value and just focus on making a good product that targets the masses.


Mike Figgis doesn’t Like Porn: (from the NT Post)

“LEAVING Las Vegas” director Mike Figgis just shot a sexy short film for lingerie line Agent Provocateur, but it doesn’t mean he’s a fan of pornography. Figgis – whose eight-minute ad, “Tied Up at the Office,” hits the Internet Feb. 8 – says he doesn’t like to watch X-rated movies:

“It’s very apparent that cruelty has crept into the porn world,” he says. “Most of the actors look as if they really don’t like women or certainly don’t like fucking them. The women just seem very contrived in their submissiveness. The act of sex itself comes across as something quite repugnant to both parties.”

Mike is right, I was talking to my buddy John, he buys product for a store here in Atlanta and his thoughts have appeared here before. I asked him, as I usually do what is moving in his store. You see John takes his job seriously, he stays on top of what is popular and what isn’t.

Pirates did very well for us, he told me, almost as well as the Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson tapes, but where we sold a lot of those, most people just wanted to rent Pirates.

One thing is changing though, John pointed out, I am getting a lot of people coming in who dont want to see girls being abused, they specifically ask for videos that dont have choking and ass to mouth they are asking for videos where it appears that the guy and girl actually like each other and the sex is fun, so the stuff from Adam and Eve, Digital Playground and others is doing better than it used to We recommend Camp Cuddly Pines a lot.

Max and some of those guys have really fallen off the charts, he used to be extremely popular but now outside of a few hardcore fans his stuff sits on the shelf, so does the more degrading shit like throat gaggers and swirlies and we dont even bother to stock Extreme’s shit anymore, it just isn’t worth it.

The stuff from Score does pretty well, they have a really good following and the GGG titles from Black Widow we cant keep on the shelf, which would seem to go against the whole degrading thing but apparently the girls seem to be having fun in those.

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