Tod Hunter Takes Green Lantern to task

3) Ref this quote “ (ie me) say’s that NOTHING in his bukkakes are fake, usually not even the tits.”, you should have used AKA (also known as) and not IE (for example). Just thought I’d let you know for future reference.

You were right the first time. He is a jackass.

i.e. is id est, “that is”

e.g. is exemple gratia, “by grace of an example,” or, less ornately, “for example.”

Either i.e. or AKA would have been fine — and sonofabitch if you didn’t use i.e.

For future reference — check with me on that Latin stuff.

Whose turn is it to buy the beer this year?


550cookie-checkTod Hunter Takes Green Lantern to task

Tod Hunter Takes Green Lantern to task

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