Tim Writes:

I love how everyone is falling all overthemselves to take credit for the story you broke on Digital Playground signing Teagan. AdultFYI spun it like Teagan told them on a KSEX show , Teagan wasn’t on the show and you had named Teagan before KSEX did, the AVN, rushing to get in on the frenzy says Teagan announced it on the KSEX show….Good lord man do these guys spend all day reloading your site to see what you got? keep up the good work South Pole and take pride that they all come to you for their stories.

Thanks Tim…I try….

Steverino Writes:

My Guess for girl #2 is either Sunny Leone or Aria Giovanna.

Good guesses both, and if either decides to do real hardcore I’d bet they would set off a bidding war. Did DP offer enough to get either of these two to play with a penis….hmmmmm


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Tim Writes:

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