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NotLuke   Was asking who (sic) I hate in this biz, so I picked the hillbilly son a of a bitch I hate most.  Does NotLuke run it? Apparently he didn’t really want to know. Well you have balls, you run it!

I’ll tell you who I hate in porn — I hate that redneck, trash-talking, no-good bastard Mike South. That motherfucker sits down there in Atlanta, holding forth on the entire adult industry from 2200 miles away, while all he does is fish, maintain a few websites, shoot bukkakes, criticize his betters and eat fried chicken. He criticizes everyone in porn valley, whines about not being in the Hall of Fame, and does his best to stay relevant in the porn industry by making mountains out of molehills on his gossip site.

I, for one, am tired of it. Say it with me, now. Sharon Mitchell DOES have a PhD. Kurt Lockwood is NOT bisexual. Rob Black IS a good role model for our industry. Choking to the point of brain damage IS an acceptable sexual practice between two consenting adults.

Hell, yeah. Fuck you, South — you don’t know shit from Shinola.

(By the way…shouldn’t that headline read “Whom do you hate?” What is we, ignurnt?)

Tim Case Walker www.tittybarboss.com

I’m touched…I Think….

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Tim Case Writes:

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