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EbolaMonkeyMan (Ya THAT Ebolamonkeyman) Takes Issue With Tod’s Review:

I saw the Bunny Brown clip where Chloe Sevigny blows Vincent Gallo.
My first reaction was “wow, Gallo can fuck up anything, even a blow job scene.”
You convince a mainstream actress to blow you on film and that’s the best footage you got??????
No freaking pop shot to the face? BOO THIS MAN!

When are people going wake up and start throwing shit at this man at these film festivals for making horrible films????
I remember hearing how brilliant this guy was when Buffalo 66 came out. After I sat through the entire movie, the look on my face was something like this “opidhfpioawerfhwr897f9qywo!!!!!!???WTF!!!!”
I was like “that mother fucker owes my $3.50 in rental fees.”
I wrote a script a few years ago that I couldn’t even get anyone to read and that guy actually gets movies made. On top of that, he gets blown by Chloe. Something’s not right. Not that getting a blow job from Cloe Sevigny is something special. After all, she looks like the type of chick who would drink the bong water out of me and my college roommates water bong on a dare. She obviously has to be a little fucked up to blow Vincent Gallo on film.
If you are going to try to get publicity for a shitty movie, shooting a really shitty blow job scene doesn’t help. He should have pushed for an anal at least, seems more fitting for the title of the movie. People need to stop saying this man is “brilliant” or “brave” director. He’s a giant douche bag that shoots shitty movies and bad blow job scenes. I’d rather sit through Kazaam starring Shaq as a giant fucking genie then BUNNY BROWN.

Ebola Monkey Man

I’m in tears laughing my ass off….

Tod Hunter Writes About Brown Bunny (Please Note that Brown Bunny is No Longer Playing at the New Beverly)

Prelude to a blowjob

I succumbed to temptation and went to the New Beverly Cinema in Hollywood to see Vincent Gallo’s The Brown Bunny.

The scene at the New Beverly last night was like the West Hollywood Pussycat in the middle of early-’70s porno chic. Well dressed couples, making a point of their trendiness – one young woman in a skintight black top, short skirt, black tights and brown knee-high shearling moccasins (and a Strand Book Store purse/shoulder bag) chain-smoking Marlboros set the tone – with the sober “we’re all grown-ups here exploring our sexuality” attitude masking the real reason: “I’m just here to see Chloë Sevigny suck a dick.” The place was filled, way more than usual for the regular Hitchcock/Kubrick/Howard Hawks programs the New Beverly churns out.

The movie starts slowly, with a looooong shot of a motorcycle race that Gallo’s character eventually loses, and we see him load his bike into his van and work his way west. Along the way he has several encounters with people, mostly with women, all with names like flowers, and a really awkward get-together with his old next-door neighbors. When he gets to L.A., he goes to his old girlfriend’s house, which seems to be abandoned. He leaves a note on the gated door and heads off to a Hollywood motel.

Eventually she shows up. (Her name is Daisy. That figures.) She is Chloë Sevigny, so the anticipation level in the audience goes up. This is it. But not yet. The scene unfolds like a real encounter, when two people – even two people who have a history, a relationship, together – parry and size up each other before they start taking their clothes off.

Eventually it happens, her top comes off, his pants get opened, it starts with what we call “soft cover shots” but sonofagun she actually sucks his dick, in tight close-up, no faking, that’s the real thing.

But Gallo still isn’t through with us.

When the sex ends, Gallo’s character pulls away, snarling nasty things at her. It looks like one of those easy-out Madonna/Whore things but then he pulls out a series of revelations and reversals that stun and astonish the viewer. I was impressed, and the sudden silence in the audience made me feel I wasn’t alone in this. I even stuck around to see the second feature, Gallo’s other film, Buffalo ’66, which had the same offbeat tone but no hardcore sex, so the audience was down to the usual sparse group of cineastes.

About a year ago, after an evening session at DP Tonight, I got into a discussion with Joone and a friend, and Joone said that porn is the only place where you can really get in and challenge the audience, as long as you also give them their money’s worth with the sex. And he’s right. Some of the most challenging movies I’ve ever seen were sold by appealing to prurient interests: Vilgot Sjoman’s I am Curious (Yellow) and its lesser-known companion film I am Curious (Blue), which wickedly blurred the line between the fictional story and the factual making of a film; Michelangelo Antonioni’s Blow-Up, which drew thousands of moviegoers to see two teenage girls naked (one of them Jane Birkin) and threw us into a murder mystery that never does get solved; and the 1969 de Sade, which starred Keir Dullea (all grown up again after the ending of 2001) and played the play-within-a-play card better than anybody.

I strongly recommend The Brown Bunny. It’ll play at the New Beverly at 7:30 tonight. Admission is $6, the trendoid sideshow is free. I saw an old Filmex friend there last night: Maybe you’ll see somebody you know.

I’m sorry that somebody filleted the movie down to the blowjob scene. It’s better than that.

A few years ago, there was a movie that had an incidence of incest in it, but it wasn’t about incest, any more than Citizen Kane is about journalism. Everybody jumped on the incest bit and it became “the movie about incest.” The Brown Bunny, as lame and self-indulgent as it is (For starters, it’s about half an hour too long: It’s a short blown up to feature length.), is not about Chloë Sevigny giving a blowjob. It’s about something else entirely, and the blowjob scene is a prelude to a set of revelations about Gallo’s character and Sevigny’s as well. Kind of like Hitchcock showing the flushing toilet in Psycho to loosen up the audience for the real shocker in a minute or two.

I think this is going to stop people from seeing the whole movie, which is a pity. Like I said, although it isn’t all that good, it’s better than that.


P.S. Merry Christmas.

Wanna See The Only Good Part of the movie Brown Bunny?:

That’s be Chloe Sevigny giving Vincent Gallo a Blowjob…and ya it IS hardcore….CLICK HERE

After going there you will have to wait 15 seconds to get the download option…just wait it’s worth it

Yer Welcome

I’d love to know what y’all think of this.

THE Party to attend in Vegas:


December 21st, 2004 (Chatsworth, CA): With the 2005 Adult Entertainment Expo shaping up to be the biggest ever in the history of the event, Pure Play Media has decided to start things off with a bang by throwing an industry-only party at the Vegas hotspot Body English in the Hard Rock Hotel. But they’re not doing it alone! Joining Pure Play in their 2005 Expo Kick-Off Party is adult novelties company Pipedream Products and adult DVD rental website, with Private, Dragon Novelties and MoFo Wear!

On Thursday, January 6th, 2005, Pure Play Media and its fellow sponsors will be celebrating an extraordinary evening with the distinguished talents involved in each of their distributed companies: Ninn Worx, Seymore Butts, Suze Randall Productions, Cousin Stevie, Erotic Media, Score Group, Simon Wolf Productions, and their newest acquisitions, Danni’s Hard Cut, the debut all-girl line from popular Internet personality Danni Ashe, and Private Media Group. This will be an amazing event for whoever is lucky enough to attend this 1200-person blowout celebration in one of the hottest and most beautiful venues in Las Vegas!


With tunes spun by DJ Vice, special guest stars, hundreds of world-class media, thousands of industry attendees and an open bar in Vegas’ hottest nightclub.


Pure Play Media is a corporation designed to bring together some of the best and most varied talent the adult industry has to offer, building an environment that allows the creative end of the business the opportunity to concentrate on their true abilities while assembling a professional team designed to support and promote their assets forward. The resulting effect is a business that delivers customers high-quality product and the service they demand. Among our company holdings is Ninn Worx, Seymore Butts Home Movies, Suze Randall Productions, Cousin Stevie Incorporated, Simon Wolf Productions, Erotic Media, Score Group, Private USA and Danni’s Hard Cut.


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If yer in the biz and you can cop an invite, this one should be quite a shindig. I will be there, so will Tim and Felicia if ya aren’t qualified for an invite and yer a hot chick hit me up I will see what I can do :)….just Kiddin Carly!!! (no I’m not ladies)….

Anyhow I’m lookin forward to it!

PS There’s another Party at Hard Rock that night, but it’s at the Hard Rock Cafe….This one is at the Hard Rock Hotel in their nightclub Body English.



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Three Days and I Will Be Another Year Older…Send Gifts LOL

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