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Happy Holidays to all you Porn Sluts and Meat Puppets,

It’s the holiday season and for many of us in biz have no family or place to go on December 25th and no one should celebrate this day alone.

In response to this myself, Hamilton Steele, and Kelly are opening our doors to all performers for dinner and a chance to sit down with others for some good conversation and cheer.

This is will be a ZERO DRAMA, NON-SEX, and NO BULLSHIT!! In short it won’t be a good place to network or to get laid. Only actual people employed in our industry and their life partners can attend. (IE: Performers, directors, etc. But NOT Box boys, delivery boy, etc. Also those not allowed to attend are guys off the street who got blown once or twice, etc)

People with children are encouraged to bring them and hopefully someone will step forward with a suit to play Santa.

Its potluck dinner but Kelly is planning on cooking a ham. For more information please contact me at my email address:

[email protected]

Even if you don’t attend, take care and have a peaceful year with great prosperity in the New Year.

Hamilton Steele

6560cookie-checkThis is what its all about:

This is what its all about:

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