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Hey Mike,

Zack Miles here. Just thought I’d write and tell ya… The site is looking cool and is really quite informational. Not that I ever have to fly talent in from anywhere or anything… but I had never heard of “The Mann Act” bit. And personally, I think it’s cool of you to inform other people of that sort of stuff. AND NO! I’m not just writing this to try to get you to post my e-mail or anything like that either! Because again…”personally” I don’t give a shit. Keep up the good work my brother!

Zack Miles

Well Zack, ya made it anyhow, Thanks for the kind words man…Zack and I did time together at Center Stage Productions.

Speaking of:

Bryan Lambert is not in the best of shape, he is battling colon cancer.

And while we are on the subject:

Bryan did the whole mother daughter thing long before the pussies at Extreme, proving once again there isn’t an original idea over there.

4000cookie-checkThe Texas Contingent Checks in:

The Texas Contingent Checks in:

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