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More Federal Busts Coming?

I just heard that the Federal Government is going to start handing down 3 obscenity indictments to various pornographers. I heard one was going to be Max Hardcore.

I have a feeling that one of the other two indictments is going to be for Khan Tusion.

What do you think the odds are on that one?

I have a feeling that another prediction you had made will come through–just in time for election year politics.

It wouldn’t surprise me, I think Kahn Tusion is about to get a lot more exposure than he wants. Word has it that he is a very well known and successful real estate developer and is about to be outed by the Los Angeles Times.

Jennifer Writes:

I read your column on what Hillary had to say. I have never, ever been so confused with an up and coming election as I am now. I have been in this Industry for almost 10 years, I was working my way through college when I went to work for the Flynt’s. I graduated not long after I was arrested with them for operating Hustler here in Cincinnati. I stayed with them until charges were dismissed then left the biz to pursue my degreed proffesion in Archaeology, then 9/11 ht and cuts were made in Historical Preservation, i.e no more contracting jobs for Archaeologists. So back to the Adult Biz. Managing talent, producing and all the other stuff I do does not make ends meet anymore, so I have been searching for work (see in archaeology they don’t care if you were ever around this biz, they care about your science credentials and dig experience). Needless to say I have been seacrhing for administrative jobs etc, but with Hustler being a large part of my job history and experience I have found the doors closing in my face…Not to mention that their are so many girls with the same amount of experience I have that we are all chasing the same jobs!
I hope all of this changes soon and I hope you’ll keep doing honest reporting, it gives me a lot to think about…We need more jobs, if the economy is improving, well I have not seen it!

Jennifer Leigh

I know this is the most pathetic group of candidates I have ever seen. It is really ashamed that these two morons (Bush and Kerry) are the best qualified men that will take the job…makes me sad really. Now if anyone who reads my site needs an archeologist let me know and I will hook ya up with Jennifer!

Kaige Writes:

Greetings Mike,

As I work in the porn biz on the Internet VOD side of things, I pretty much hit your site and a few others everyday. is by far my favorite despite the fact that I don’t always agree with what you say. That notwithstanding, I’m interested in what you write because you’re an intelligent human being; a thought provoking guy.

However, your comments on 6/29/04 titled “HILDABEAST SHOWS HER TRUE COLORS” were a little short sighted. In this little diatribe of yours you somehow manage to place the blame for the stripping of American liberties squarely on the shoulders of the all-so-scary “liberals”. Let us not forget that it was fanatical and reactionary neo-conservative tyranny that brought us the PATRIOT Act among other things. The conservative, Judeo-Psycho-Nazi right-wing are responsible for some of the greatest civil liberties violations in over 50 years.

Let’s be fair here, Mike. High-level politicians are generally various forms of crook and cutthroat who want nothing more than to advance themselves and there own agendas. You and I both know that. So before you go pointing fingers at one side of the spectrum, remember that the other side is just as fucked up. Go ask your buddy, John Ashcroft.

Take Care,


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