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Why the fuck would any REAL health care professional want anything to do with the porn industry? It’s not like there would be serious money in it and the porn industry, from what I’ve seen, can be rather self-destructive. Why would a doctor want to get involved in that? And why would a doctor want to get involved in an industry that refuses to use condoms and engages in risky sexual behaviour? And most of all, what reputable doctor would want to be in the spotlight when/if another HIV crisis breaks out?
Mitchell may be a hack, but she’s all they’ve got…

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You kinda have a point but it’s like askin what lawyer would represent O J. Admitted O J had a right to a fair trial and competent representation, he also had plenty of money to throw at a defense team. Besides you way under estimate the 2 strongest human motivators…money and sex.

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The Keebler Elf Answers:

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