The Free Speech Coalition Commentaries:

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“I have contacted them a few times to ask exactly what they did with the money people send them and what cases they were working on and what progress had been made. I have never seen a reply.


Same goes for the email I have send

Those organisations exists only for their own sake, for companies to put a banner on their site that reads “we supported XXXXX”

“The only time I hear about them in the news is when they are losing some case.”

 “/step onto soapbox…
//Begin Rant….

I remember a few years back I stood on my lil soapbox and screamed at the top of my lungs that the FSC was nothing more then a fear mongering SCAM, you all laughed at me, and some called me a sheep lol, I was right then hands down, and now the veil is lifting more and more and everyone else will know what I did back then.

I mean come on.. how much of a dult do you need to be to actually buy into their original claim….

“Become a member and you will be “safe” from 2257 litigations due to our injunction…. but remember, your only covered IF your a member…..oh and don’t worry about your personal information the injunction paperwork will be SEALED, none of your names or companies will be none by the feds”

Umm… Err…. If the list is sealed… I’m protected?… an injunction for the ENTIRE industry that is only “valid” for one group???

Yeah… gotta love our industry lol

/End rant
//steps off soapbox and gets back to rendering


 “The FSC doesn’t just fail as it pertains to adult online. I once ran a company that had 20 adult stores that were each individually FSC members, one store which I’m sure that you are familiar with Mike since I believe you frequently go to Dayton, Ohio (although the store is now owned by Deja Vu).

The woman that owned the company also made some huge donations to the FSC over the years. When we started getting harassed by local law enforcement at several of our stores, mainly the store in Dayton, Ohio, we spent hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting them in court. When the city tried to shut us down for public indecency violations as a public nuisance, a tactic that cities all over the US are using to try and close adult businesses, we contacted the FSC for help and were denied. Of course when it came time to renew our memberships we still got the postcards in the mail, but we were done with them at that point…”

 “I believe IPORN will save the FSC.


After they anounce they bought AVN in January.
Mike do u still not believe that is happening?”


 “I’ve gone to Sacramento on just about all of their Lobbying Days (seems like for the last 8-9 years, at least). Although Wicked films and/or DejaVu and others have sponsored some of the attendee past breakfasts and cocktail events for Legislators and their staffers, we attendees appreciate FSC and pay our own “jetting”/air fares, Super Shuttles, hotel bill, dinner/lunch, airport parking fee, etc.

I wish Mike South would run for the Board of Directors, and see the real situation, and assist FSC rather than bad-mouthing them so much.

Other than this post, I will not be drawn into this thread any further; I support Diane Duke (last year’s XBIZ “Woman of the Year”) and FSC.”


“I support the FSC and proud to do so.

I appreciate their efforts as the Board consists entirely of unpaid industry volunteers.

Their hearts are in the right place.

I’m proud to fly their sig, make donations and support their efforts.

Haters with no real alternatives do nobody any good.

EMA, EFF, ACLU and many other First Amendment groups and trade associations are fine organizations; but, their agendas are not always in sync with what is best for the Adult Entertainment Industry as they are focused on different interest groups.

Be smart with your time and funds and do what you think is best for you.

Just don’t do nothing but whine..

The truth is some people beat up on the FSC because they are too cheap and lazy to donate time or money and want to justify their lack support.

Given the legal climate, 2257 Regs, FCC Regs, state laws, etc., in the USA, we will all either fly together or perish together……”




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The Free Speech Coalition Commentaries:

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