Tara – BT Writes:

A porn chick who lies about a degree from MIT and medical school? I’m shocked.

I know, what’s the world coming to when we can’t even believe a pornette….Maybe Tara is taking the Sharon Mitchell worthless degree route. Maybe MIT stands for Modesto Institute for Trickery.

The other Tera – BT Writes:

Mike: Just out of curiosity, have you followed sales for Tera Patrick’s comeback vid, or traffic to her website? Evan’s self-promotion aside, I wondered what the response to Tera has been. My local video store, which carries a heavy selection of Vivid in the rental section, still doesn’t have a copy of Tera, but several copies of the Janine flick in both VHS and DVD.

according to my local video store buyer the lull in her “career” combined with the fact that she only does Evan has all but destroyed any fan base she might have retained….

They stock one copy of her new vids, by comparison they stock 10 copies of any given Red Light District video.

At 11:11 AM 12/29/2004, you wrote:

Japchick Writes:

“Hey did you ever find out if that Tara Moon (Chante in Canada) Chick really has a degree from MIT?”

Yes I did, and of course she doesn’t…never even has attended under her real name anyway…reckon how many bets were lost on that one ….


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Tara – BT Writes:

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