Strange Dreams indeed, Paulina emails me this one:

I’ve been having this recurring nightmare lately. I’ve been dreaming that my house was on fire, and in my dream I get out of the house OK. When I call the fire department and the fire trucks arrive all of the firefighters are male porn stars. With the house in flames first off the truck is Ed Powers, who attempts to bore it to death with inane questions like “Do you like OLDER houses?” Not to worry though next off the truck comes Sean Michaels and Randy West. They hustle up to the walkway, pull out their trusty hoses and turn the valves. Three drops dribble out of each hose onto the sidewalk. But then here comes Peter North and Jake Steed, I’m thinking these guys can put it out, about that time the boys turn their valves and proceed to hose down the house directly behind me on the adjacent street AND both the next door neighbors houses, my house is still in flames. Now comes the fire chief, Max Hardcore, Max gets his fire axe, goes around to the back door and makes the rear egress about six times its normal size, then he verbally abuses the fire, spouting “You nasty little fucking cunt whore of a fire” before hosing it down and leaving it an emotional wreck. Anybody know anything about interpreting dreams?

I think you watch way too much porn, Paulina!

2800cookie-checkStrange Dreams indeed, Paulina emails me this one:

Strange Dreams indeed, Paulina emails me this one:

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