Straight From the Fish’s Mouth:

“We are actually looking at EXPANDING our business, so we ‘ve hired an investment banker to help us with some strategic consulting. It’s the same person who helped Club Jenna make their deal with Playboy. So I assume he was seen with one of us and someone made a very broad, very incorrect assumption. We’ve honestly never had any conversations with anyone at Playboy about acquiring AVN. Our only deal with them is that they are our Broadcast partners for the AVN Awards Show.”

Thank You Paul…And that ends THAT…

AVN Sold To Playboy? My Sources Say No!:

I expect an official statement from AVN in a couple of hours at most

Tori Lane Out Of Control and Something Nice About Nick manning:

PornPRperson: i almost got in a fight with tory lane on thursday night!
South1226: YOU did?
South1226: izzat on the record LOL
PornPRperson: sure!
South1226: gimme the story on tory
PornPRperson: she was drunk and stepped on my foot. i was on the phone taking care of some stuff and i screamed “fuck!” and she yelled at me
PornPRperson: nick manning pulled her away and made her apologize!
PornPRperson: she threw her drink at him
South1226: Nick did? damn
PornPRperson: yeah
PornPRperson: she’s a little
PornPRperson: um
PornPRperson: not right

Damn, Apparently Nick actually has a redeeming quality or two, credit where it’s due that was a good move Nick.

Dan Davis responds:

Hey Hillbilly,

Thanks for the kind words. It’s been great getting to know you over the past year and working with you. While most in the biz find you grating and annoying, I appreciate your expression of opinion, even with all the typos. lol Also thanks to Tyler Faith’s Bitch, Wankus, for his post.

I enjoy the friendship we’ve developed and count you guys among my friends. He, despite his personal obsession for all things revolving in and out of Kurt Lockwood’s rectum, and being a Red Sox fan, and you for your bukkake, love affair with fishing and the countless hours of watching Deliverance!

Thanks guys, sincerely, and both you keep doin’ what you’re doin’ —
you both do it well.

Now let’s sing Kumbaya and group hug.


I love dis guy…

Wankus (That’s Mr Tyler Faith To You) Writes:

Mikey Mike:

Gotta tell ya, it’s good to see you finally come around about Dan Davis. I know with his personal obsession for seeing Evan Seinfeld naked in the fetal position in Oz re-runs, you and Dan started out with a few hiccups, but seriously, he is THE REAL DEAL!

One of the few, positive, genuine, damn good guys of porn (and a funny motherfucker too). Too bad he’s a Yankee fan otherwise he’d be near perfect!

Keep up the good work, crack reporting…reporting of those ON crack and the never ending quest to put Mark Kernes in a mental ward. (No offense Mark. You and I get along fine. But I love when Mike fucks with you!)


PS: Looking forward to our new Wanker Show feature every Monday night at 7:15 (Pacific)…”The Best of This Week”

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Straight From the Fish’s Mouth:

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