Steve Responds to Kernes

I have never disagreed more or read a post where one doesn’t know the facts. Yes, the chemical fairies came and took all the VX, mustard etc gas. Those 50,000 Kurds must have all just had heart attacks at the same time. And those 2 buildings must have just had structural failure at the same time. and those 17 UN resolutions well hey they were just kidding. I become more republican every day.

I know, I wanted to engage Kernes the moment I got his email but decided to let the readers take him on first. What it amounts to with these guys isn’t so much that they don’t see Saddam as a threat to the stability of the area, even a complete imbecile has to admit that he is. What this is all about is simply bash Bush, they are against it because Bush is for it. The problem is that these people are willing to bet our safety on it, same as Clinton did the two times that Sudan tried to hand him Osama Bin Lauden, Clinton knew that he had committed acts of terrorism but he didn’t want to risk his “legacy” by dealing with it, and we all know what happened as a result of that. As Libertarian as I am, and I am I can clearly see that Iraq’s current regime poses a clear and present danger to my country and my fellow Americans. We will have to deal with him at some point, better to do it now, like Cinton should have done, by doing what is right for this country the World Trade Center would still be standing, How’s that for a legacy?

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Steve Responds to Kernes

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